Video Of POTUS Apparently Forgetting Where He Is Resurfaces After Trump Team Attempts To Mock Joe Biden For “Forgetting Where He Is”

President PawPaw doesn't know if he's in Russia or the U.S.

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Mr. Presidementia and his team have been trying to make former Vice President Joe Biden appear to be mentally unfit for office over his gaffes. However, Donald Trump’s skills of projection are at an IMAX-level as he continues to accuse others of what he’s guilty of. For someone who is supposed to be the leader of the free world, one would hardly know it by looking at this spectacle of a man who thinks Kansas City is in Kansas instead of Missouri.

For a man who tweets about covfefe, hamberders, smocking, and chocking, it’s ironic that he has questioned Biden’s competence to hold office. Lara Trump — the president’s daughter-in-law who is a whole bitch — has mocked Biden for his stutter in the past. Liddle Lara appeared on Fox News to attack Biden because, she said, he “forgets where he is.”

There are numerous videoes showing Trump’s brain short-circuiting, so she really should have sat this one out. While Trump was in Las Vegas, hosting an ego-rally, it took him a while to realize where he was. “Right here in …. your place,” Trump said while trying to recall the name of the city he’s currently in.

The attacks on Biden are going to get worse after the former Vice President performed well on Super Tuesday. New York billionaire Mike Bloomberg just dropped out of the race and threw his support behind Biden. Trump’s little hands are busy tweeting up a storm right now to disparage “Mini Mike,” because that’s all Trump knows how to do.

In 2017, Trump couldn’t find his own limo even though he walked right up to it. In 2018, the Adderall-addled president misspelled his own wife’s name and tweeted out “Melanie,” instead of Melania. Mental health experts have been warning us for quite a while over the rage-fueled dick’s state of mind. Trump’s incompetence was on display over his inept handling of the coronavirus outbreak as the stock market tumbled. But yeah, the guy who stutters forgot a thing.

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