Trump Appears To Defend Cop That Killed Atlanta Man: “You Can’t Resist A Police Officer”

He definitely does not care about black lives.

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In yet another instance of Donald Trump siding with dirty cops over the black men they killed in cold blood, Trump spoke to Fox News by phone to defend recently fired Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe who has been charged with murder for shooting Rayshard Brooks twice in the back.

In a video that has horrified the world and has further stoked racial tensions across the country, Rolfe confronted Brooks as he slept in his truck, not doing anything wrong.

Brooks then ran as Rolfe attempted to restrain him. But rather than use his taser or simply let him go and pursue him later, Rolfe drew his gun and shot Brooks in the back twice. He then kicked Brooks as he lay on the ground and failed to administer first aid. Brooks died.

And Rolfe is the man who killed him for no reason. Shooting anyone in the back is cowardly, and it’s clear that Brooks was not a threat to the officers or anyone else. In short, there was no reason to shoot him.

But just as Trump did not too long ago when he defended the Minneapolis officer who killed George Floyd, he defended Rolfe.

“I thought it was a terrible situation,” Trump said. “But you can’t resist a police officer. If you have a disagreement, you have to take it up after the fact.”

Trump went on to repeat a claim made by the officer’s lawyer that he thought he heard a gunshot and saw a flash as Rayshard Brooks ran. He then proceeded to complain that police officers have not been treated fairly before once again defending the officer.

Here’s the video:

Again, Rolfe shot a fleeing man in the back, bragged about it, and failed to get Brooks the medical assistance he required afterward. There is no excuse for what Rolfe did, which is why he’s been charged with murder and has been fired.

It’s this exact kind of brutality and racial injustice that millions of Americans are protesting against right now. And Trump is obviously not listening, nor does he care. So, we’ll all just have to continue fighting until someone does.

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