Trump Cursed In The Middle Of His Speech When Talking About All The Investigations That Surround Him

How classy.

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In case you missed it, former President Donald Trump made his first big “debut” today since leaving the White House in a cloud of shame and disgrace earlier this year with a big speech at the North Carolina Republican Convention dinner — a move he allegedly chose to hopefully avoid the embarrassment of an empty, pathetic MAGA rally, since the seats at this event were paid for and had a guaranteed crowd.

The speech was unsurprisingly chock full of his greatest “hits,” pretty much just a mash-up of all his most ridiculous nonsense from all the MAGA rallies of days gone by, and for the most part it was actually pretty damn boring. I mean, you can only listen to him talk about how much he hates Biden so much before it all just becomes dribble. Like that teacher on Charlie Brown. 

However, there were a few moments tucked into his painfully long speech tonight that were especially newsworthy — when he slurred and stumbled all over his words, when he made fun of Biden’s recent minor stumble up the steps of Air Force One, and the fact that Fox News didn’t even cover the damn thing.


But nothing was quite as funny, to me anyway, as when he got so worked up that he threw a little cursing into his speech to work things up.

While rambling about the heated investigations currently raging against him in New York, the former leader of the free world drop a big, fat “shit” word on the audience.

Take a look:

Twitter users thought it was pretty darn funny too:

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Someone take grandpa’s keys away already. Good grief.

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