Trump DOJ Official At The Center Of Spying Scandal Reportedly Slated To Resign Next Week

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Unsurprisingly so, even with Donald Trump finally out of the White House, his administration has been wrapped up in yet another scandal involving a disgusting abuse of power during the time in which the ex-president still had any power.

According to multiple reports, the Trump era Department of Justice, working on behalf of the now former president, issued subpoenas to Apple to seize the phone records of notable Democrats in Congress and their families, minor children included. Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff was one of those to have his records seized by the former president during his time in office and is already seeking an investigation into what he called an abuse of power on Trump’s part.

Now, reports are indicating that the Trump era Justice Department official who’s at the center of this spying scandal is set to resign from his position within the DOJ next week.


According to a report from the Associated Press, assistant attorney general of the National Security Division John Demers, who was sworn into the position in 2018, will be resigning from his position sometime within the coming days.

The New York Times corroborates this report, but goes on to add that Justice Department souces say Demers resignation from his DOJ position has been in the works for several months now and is not related to the spying scandal against political oponents, notable Democrats, and media reporters that’s currently making waves in the news these days.

However, the Times does note that “Mr. Demers’s departure also comes as Democrats and First Amendment advocates have attacked the Justice Department following revelations that prosecutors supervised by Mr. Demers seized the records of reporters from The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN and of top House Democrats while investigating leaks of classified information.”

So far, we’re unclear on Demers’ reasoning for leaving the job, but regardless of whether or not it’s actually related to the scandal, there’s no denying that the heat is up on the DOJ, what better time to get the hell out?

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