Trump Finally Does It — Appears To Lose Piers Morgan’s Support: “He Won’t Want Me Saying This, But I’m Gonna Say It Anyway”

Trump is not going to like this at all.

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President Donald Trump lost the support of one of his biggest cheerleaders on Sunday when Piers Morgan called out his lack of leadership during the coronavirus pandemic.

Morgan has been a Trump fan for years and usually defends him. But this pandemic and Trump’s reckless and incompetent response to it have apparently changed his mind about him.

During an interview on CNN, Morgan discussed the responses to the pandemic from Trump and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, noting that while they were able to trick the public into putting them in power by drumming up populist support, they have been unmasked as bad leaders because of the coronavirus.


Both men have tried to portray themselves as “wartime” leaders, but they are clearly ill-equipped to fight the so-called war they claim to be fighting.

If this were a real war, we’d be in more serious trouble.

Morgan took particular umbrage with Trump’s daily press briefings, which he has used to spread propaganda and lies, making them all about him instead of about giving Americans the crucial information they need to protect themselves and their families.

“I’ve been watching these daily briefings with mounting horror frankly, because this is not what the president should be doing,” Morgan said. “He won’t want me saying this, but I’m gonna say it anyway.”

Morgan went on to point out that a real leader would be calm in this situation and would be honest and decisive and show empathy. Trump is “failing” on every level, Morgan said.

For reference, nothing demonstrates how weak a leader Trump is right now than a comparison of how he has talked about this pandemic with how Winston Churchill spoke about World War II.

But Morgan wasn’t done yet.

He further slammed Trump’s briefings for being an exercise in narcissism and political partisanship because Trump apparently cares more about the election in November than he does about the public health.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

If even Piers Morgan has woken up to the fact that Trump’s response to the coronavirus has been a disaster, Trump’s supporters in the United States should wake up to that fact, too. Because four more years of this guarantees we won’t have a country left to save.

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