Trump Gets Brutally Cut Off During Live Fox News Interview After He Went On Unhinged Big Lie Rant, Blamed Russian Invasion And Attack Against Ukraine On His Election Loss

Even Fox couldn't put up with that.

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Frankly, former President Donald Trump has really shown his ass this week, even more so than usual, with regard to the mounting tensions between Ukraine and Russia. Late last night (in US time, early in the morning for Ukraine) that mounting situation came to a catastrophic head when dictatorial Russian President Vladimir Putin made a surprise speech, essentially declaring war on Ukraine and announcing a “special military action” against the country. Mere moments later, Russian armed forces invaded and launched missiles in the country’s capital of Kyiv. As the conflict reached a heinous head, so did Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

We’ve spent a good majority of this week reporting on the ex-president’s unsettling behavior and rhetoric surrounding Putin’s actions with regard to Ukraine — as the disgraced, one-term, twice-impeached former guy essentially heaped his praises on the Russian dictator, going so far as to call him “savvy,” his military moves “genius,” and suggesting that we should employ similar tactics at the US southern border.

Trump’s remarks have been so bad this week, in fact, that even Fox News was forced to attempt to do some damage control as they tried to claim that the ex-president was simply “trolling the media” with his pro-Putin rhetoric.

However, directly following the Russian invasion and attack against Ukraine, Trump pretty well destroyed and damage control angle that Fox may have had left.

The former guy was quick to call into Fox News last night to respond to Russia’s Ukrainian attack and, frankly, it was even worse than we were prepared for as he once again tried to make excuses for the Russian dictator and placed the blame for the catastrophic development on President Biden’s “weakness.” It wasn’t long into the interview with Fox talking head Laura Ingraham that the Right-wing news host was forced to correct the ex-president on live TV when he made it clear that he didn’t understand the United States military involvement in the Ukrainian chaos.

But in true Trump fashion, the interview still managed to go from bad to worse, ultimately resulting in Ingraham cutting the ex-president’s interview off, as Trump began to rant about his Big Lie, unhinged election conspiracies, and blame the whole entire Russian attack on the “rigged election.”

Ingraham was attempting to discuss with the former president “a lot of weakness in the United States” and where NATO stood with regard to the mounting invasion and attack within Ukraine, according to a report from Business Insider. But Trump wasted absolutely no time in pivoting to his age-old, tired claims of voter fraud and a rigged 2020 election.

“I think you’re exactly right — I think that’s what happened,” Trump stated.

“He was going to be satisfied with a peace, and now he sees the weakness and the incompetence and the stupidity of this administration, and, as an American, I’m angry about it, and I’m saddened by it,” he continued to rant, referencing Russian President Vladimir Putin. “And it all happened because of a rigged election. This would have never happened.”

Ingraham pulled the interview and cut the former president off pretty much as soon as he began to rant about the “rigged election” and his brutal loss.

“President Trump, we actually have — just, hold on, I’m so sorry to interrupt you — but have, we’re going to the Pentagon, I believe?” Ingraham interjected. “Ukraine, sorry. Ukraine is speaking at the UN.”

When asked for comment, according to the Insider report, Fox simply pointed to their live coverage from Ukraine.

Fox reporters Trey Yingst and Steve Harrigan were on the ground providing live coverage of the attack from Ukraine. Following the interruption and abrupt end of Donald Trump’s phone interview, Ingraham returned to her segment with her previously scheduled interview with the journalist Glenn Greenwald following their reporting from the United Nations floor.

It seems we have officially reached a point at which Trump has become so unhinged that even Fox News cannot continue to entertain him unchecked.

You can watch the Fox clip here:

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