Trump Handed Another Brutal Loss, Judge Slapped Down Attempt To Get Out Of E. Jean Carroll Defamation Lawsuit


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Former President Donald Trump better hope he wasn’t planning to brighten his day with a court win in the E. Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit — because that’s not going to happen.

According to new court filings, the disgraced ex-president was just handed a pretty brutal loss in the defamation lawsuit lodged against him by former columnist E. Jean Carroll when a judge smacked down the attempts made to get out of the legal fiasco.

Recently, in a rather controversial move, Attorney General Merrick Garland agreed to defend Donald Trump in court in connection to the Carroll lawsuit, citing the fact that Trump was the President at the time of his allegedly defamatory comment — when Trump claimed he couldn’t have possibly raped the former columnist in a department store dressing room decades ago because “She’s not my type.”

Carroll has requested that Trump be required to submit a DNA sample in connection to the lawsuit, claiming that she has matching DNA on the clothing she was wearing the day Donald Trump allegedly raped her.

This isn’t the first time the courts have smacked down Trump’s attempts to wriggle out of this unscathed — with former Attorney General Bill Barr, who was acting as Trump’s attorney in the case at the time, asserted that Donald was acting in his official capacity as the President of the United States when he made the defamatory remark. A federal judge rejected this.

The Department of Justice followed up the rejection with a brief that claimed they had to protect the “institutional interest of the federal government.” It was at that point the DOJ then attempted to stay all proceedings in the lawsuit.

Today, the court smacked down that motion:

This isn’t going away, Donnie. Not even close.

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