Trump Insists He “Couldn’t Hardly Hear” The Booing And Chants Directed At Him When He Visited The Supreme Court

Sure thing, dude.

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Donald Trump and the first lady were greeted during their Thursday morning visit to pay respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s casket at the U.S. Supreme Court with incredibly loud chants of “Vote him out” and “Honor her wish.” The booing was deafening, and you could see that Trump and Melania had no choice but to stand there and exit as soon as possible. Trump got a close-up glimpse of how the country perceives him outside of his bubble, and it wasn’t flattering.

Trump lashes out at those that see him in an unfavorable light, but he had no choice on Thursday. Trump and Melania just stood there and suffered through it. Still, as loud as the chants rang out, Donald J. Trump claimed that “he could hardly hear it.”

“Well, I think that was just a political chant,” Trump said before leaving for a campaign event. “We could hardly hear it from where we were. Somebody said there was some chanting. They were right next to the media. We really couldn’t hardly hear too much. We heard a sound, but it wasn’t very strong.”



Trump then said, “The ballots — that’s a whole big scam. They found 8 ballots in a wastebasket, others in a river. They throw ’em out if they have the name Trump on them.”

A reporter explained to the president that “there were no names on them.”

“Well, they still found them in a river,” Trump said.

If there isn’t a legible name on a ballot, then it’s not going to be accepted. That’s why you should track your ballot to be sure it was accepted. As for the booing, either Trump is deaf and should have that looked into, or he thinks the rest of us are stupid.

Here’s the clip:

Sure, the beauty pageant barker didn’t hear that. Sounds legit! Americans are putting Trump on notice as he’s flailing behind Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. And Trump’s threats of refusing to leave office aren’t going to hold water against the American people — and the Constitution.

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