Trump Introduces Barron To His FL Rally As If He’s The Second Coming Of Christ

This is so weird...

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It’s pretty safe to say that many of us on the Left have long been holding out hope that somehow, some way, Donald Trump’s youngest son Barron would turn out to be the only decent one of the bunch.

While all of Donald’s older kids are truly as insufferable as they come, many of us have been waiting on bated breath as the youngest Trump child has grown over the years, hoping that he would manage to part ways with his father’s horrific nature and turn out to be a halfway decent human being in the end.

After this, it’s now equally safe to say that is not going to happen.

Since turning 18 and graduating from his prestigious private high school, Donald Trump’s youngest son (the only child he shares with his current wife Melania) has seemingly been attempting to tease his way into his father’s political spotlight. However, his mother has appeared to be attempting to pull the plug on those notions from behind the scenes — not surprising, as we’re all well aware of how protective Melania is over her only son.

I.e. when it was announced that Barron would serve as a Florida Republican delegate to help install his father as the Republican National Committee’s 2024 presidential nominee, only for Melania to slip in a rare public statement, in which she declined the delegate invitation for her son, citing vague prior commitments.

But nevertheless, it seems that Melania and her husband Donald are having a bit of a tug-of-war behind closed doors, with their only shared son square in the middle, as Donald is doing… Well… The exact opposite.

New video footage is now spreading like wildfire across social media of Donald Trump’s recent Florida rally — which Barron not only attended but made quite the show out of his appearance with his father egging it all on.

In fact, Donald was egging it on so much so that you’d think he was announcing the second coming of Jesus Christ himself.

In the clip, we see the youngest Trump stand up and give the crowd the Trump-trademarked fist pump and wave, straight from his father’s playbook, as his dad announces his attendance from the stage.

“He’s a very good guy, I tell ya,” Trump says of his youngest son and Barron soaked up the admiration. “And I’m not allowed to call them ‘boy,’ but he is my boy…”

It seems pretty clear at this point that any hope we had for Barron is officially lost.

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