Trump Is Clearly Cracking Under The Pressure, NYT Correspondent Revealed The Ex-President’s Closest Friends Said “His Heart Is Not In” Politics And Campaigning “The Way It Once Was”

Trump is crumbling.

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It’s been widely accepted since the day Donald Trump’s humiliating loss was finalized that we had yet to see the last of the corrupt conman who ran this nation into the ground from the inside out for four long, hard, disastrous years. Trump himself was already harping from the rooftops about the 2024 race before he ever even officially vacated the White House. However devastating it was to even entertain the idea, we knew in our heart of hearts that Trump would be back for another round, in hopes of a second term at the helm of this country — despite the fact that he still has yet to even officially announce his 2024 candidacy.

But, in a revelation that admittedly came as a bit of a surprise, New York Times correspondent and so-called “Trump Whisperer” Maggie Haberman now says she has spoken with some of the ex-president’s closest insiders and friends, who have admitted to the Times reporter that Donald Trump is feeling extremely disheartened and discouraged when it comes to the notion of running for president again, as the neverending stream of lawsuits and investigations close in on him — most notably the bombshell, massive fraud case that’s now raging in his home state of New York.

Haberman’s revelation came in a recent interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, during his segment of Anderson Cooper 360, where the CNN host asked Haberman, who also serves as an analyst on the network, about the effects she’s seen on Trump and his political ambitions in the aftermath of Letitia James’ brutal announcement.

Haberman confirmed that Trump’s friends have admitted to her that the ex-president’s “heart is not in” it when it comes to politics or campaigning. However, Maggie noted that she doesn’t know whether Trump’s discouragement and depression are severe enough to convince him to give up the attention — or the fundraising cashflow that comes with a campaign.

Cooper asked Haberman at one point in their interview, “Maggie, obviously, this is not the only bad legal news the former President got today. What impact, if any, do you think this would have, or do you think it would have any decision on whether or not he would run again?”

Haberman got straight down to it:

Yes. I mean look, Anderson, I think that you can look at this in two different ways. Number one, a lot of people have talked to the former president say they don’t think his heart seems to be in politics and running and campaigning the way it once was, that having been said. The second he says that he is not running, he loses a lot of attention.

He loses the same ability to fundraise, politically, and he loses potentially, if he were to run the protections that the office affords a sitting president in terms of investigations, and all of that is something he is aware of.”

Haberman goes on to explain:

I think that, you know, the people I have spoken to close to him were very relieved, still, as they have been over and over that there was no criminal charge related here. There was a criminal referral that was discussed, but this is a civil action and I think that you’re going to see them fight it on the same grounds that you have seen quite a lot.

I will say, there were a couple of very new details related to Trump’s financial habits in this filing and there were — you know, there were certainly a lot of descriptions that the Attorney General used of his practices.

She put together a comprehensive filing, a lot of it, and that this is what the Trump folks are pointing to repeatedly. It is stuff that has largely been known. The question is going to be whether it gets heard differently in court this time.”

It’s truly beginning to look as though Donald Trump is finally cracking under the pressure.

See the full reporting from CNN here.

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