Trump Is Reportedly “Hemorrhaging” Twitter Followers Since Losing In The Election To Joe Biden: “By January, He Will No Longer Be Relevant To Our National Conversation”

I feel a tweetstorm coming.

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To Donald Trump, size matters. The president has falsely bragged that he has more Facebook followers than anyone else. Of course, he bragged about his inauguration crowd size even though it paled in comparison to his predecessor’s. That’s just who Donald J. Trump is. And he will have to hand over his @POTUS account on January 20th to President-elect Joe Biden even though he has failed to concede the race he clearly lost. However, Trump has a massive Twitter following with this personal account that he treats as his presidential podium. He makes so many false claims; the behemoth social site started labeling his tweets.

Although, Trump’s Twitter following is reportedly decreasing while President-elect Joe Biden’s is increasing, according to The Independent. We’re sure Trump will take this well (wink wink).

“The outgoing commander-in-chief’s fan base has taken a hit every day this week, and some 46,000 accounts have unfollowed him since 22 November,” the outlet reports. And “Some 10,000 Twitter accounts unsubscribed from Mr. Trump’s feed on 25 November alone.” As the outlet notes, Trump is “hemorrhaging” Twitter followers.


As for Biden, he’s doing well on the platform.

He picked up some 130,000 followers on 25 November, according to the Social Blade figures.

Mr. Biden was on 19.9 million followers as of Thursday evening, still well behind Mr. Trump on 88.8 million.

Some analysts believe Mr. Trump’s decrease in followers could be due to a Twitter clear out of bots.

At the moment, Biden has over twenty million followers on Twitter. Former President Barack Obama has them both beat with over 126 million followers.

Andrew Lazar, who is spearheading the UnfollowThePres project to urge people to abandon Trump, told Newsweek he wants to take away the president’s “favorite toy.”

This makes me happy:


Lazar told Newsweek about Trump’s influence with his base on Twitter.

“By January, he will no longer be relevant to our national conversation. His Twitter account, however, still gives him enormous influence. He’s using that influence to continue to divide our country,” he said. “I mean, the guy can’t concede a loss and wants to broadcast false fraud claims to his adherents. It’s dangerous.”

“Since Twitter is just putting up some meaningless flags, I say we as the Twitter community have the power and obligation to turn down his volume, and we should do so. Remove his amplification, and you help dial down the power of his rhetoric,” he added.

Trump will no longer have the status of being a world leader in January, so Twitter could potentially ban the former reality show star.

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