Trump Just Threw His Public Endorsement Behind GOP Governor Candidate Who Was Busted In Photos At The Capitol On Jan. 6th And Helped Bus Supporters To “Stop The Steal” Rally

I'm not even surprised.

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Ex-President Donald Trump’s own former spokesperson recently spoke out and said that the former guy’s erratic, unhinged endorsements here lately will likely serve as the proverbial death sentence for Donald’s political career. At this point, I don’t think anyone has ever been more correct in an assessment of the former president than she was.

Trump has spent the last several months on a warpath of self-destruction with his series of unstable and self-serving endorsements, as midterm elections rapidly approach. Now, the former president has thrown his “complete and total” public endorsement behind one controversial Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate just days before the high-stakes primary election takes place.

In a statement he released through his spokeswoman this morning, Trump wrote, “There is no one in Pennsylvania who has done more, or fought harder, for Election Integrity than State Senator Doug Mastriano.”

He goes on to claim that Mastriano is “a fighter like few others, and has been with me right from the beginning, and now I have an obligation to be with him.”

However, Trump’s Pennsylvania governor pick, like so many of his other recent endorsements, has a heaping load of controversial baggage he’s packing into the primaries with him. Mastriano has been a huge proponent of Donald Trump’s baseless election fraud claims. The GOP gubernatorial candidate began publicly calling the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election into question just days after Biden’s win was announced. While he denies participating in the infamous, deadly Capitol attack, Mastriano was busted in photographs at the Capitol building on January 6th, and personally bussed Donald Trump’s supporters to the Capitol for the notorious “Stop The Steal” rally that took place just hours before the deadly attack, and served as the ignition for January 6th’s violence. Despite claiming that he did not have a hand in the violence on that fateful day, Mastriano has already been caught on video footage that shows him a lot closer to the actual Capitol building on January 6th than what he claimed to be.

The January 6th House Select Committee that is currently investigating the deadly Capitol attack and the ex-president’s specific role in inciting it has reportedly already issued a subpoena for Mastriano.

Mastriano, a former U.S. Army colonel, has held a steady lead in pre-election polls.

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