Trump Just Tweeted He Was At Walter Reed For “Phase One” Of His Physical Even Though Reporter Claims He Was There For “Chest Discomfort”

We knew this whole thing smelled fishy.

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Since yesterday afternoon, the majority of the country has been a-buzz with the news of Trump’s health physical. Now, it’s certainly customary for the person that’s serving as the president of the United States to have regular physicals conducted, right? So you may be asking, what made this particular check-up worthy of such a tizzy?

Well, it was completely unscheduled, random, and unannounced. That’s why.

In previous years, Donald’s annual physical was conducted in January or February and the exams were announced and listed on Trump’s public schedule ahead of time. However, for this particular run-of-the-mill “physical” there was absolutely no warning to the public and, well, it’s November.

Of course, a slew of Trump White House sources has claimed that Donald’s spur of the moment visit to the Walter Reed National Medical Center was nothing more than a proactive decision to get a jump on his annual exam, as he expects a “busy” campaigning year come 2020.

Even Donald himself took to his Twitter account with a spiel about his alleged physical.

“Visited a great family of a young man under major surgery at the amazing Walter Reed Medical Center. Those are truly some of the best doctors anywhere in the world,” Trump’s tweet began. “Also began phase one of my yearly physical. Everything very good (great!). Will complete next year.”

While we all expected something along these lines to come from Trump himself sooner or later, it still seems odd that he would just randomly elect to have one “phase” of his physical conducted in November, only to supposedly plan to “complete” it sometime next year.

And according to one alleged reporter, there’s a bit more serious reason behind Donald’s odd behavior surrounding this medical exam.

Last night, the Twitter account belonging to Andrew Vernon, an opinion writer for The Hill, posted a tweet claiming that sources were telling him Trump was seen at Walter Reed due to complaints of “chest discomfort.”

“Sources tell me from Walter Reed the President was being checked out for chest discomfort. No other information is available at this time,” the tweet read with the hashtag, #breakingnews.

We’re not entirely familiar with Vernon, whose Twitter bio describes him as “President & CEO. Opinion Contributor @thehill. @ColumbiaMSPH Alum & @UMaine Alum. @USArmy Veteran,” but his claim has quickly gained traction on social media and one article on him by the University of Maine claims that Vernon previously worked at the VA as “coordinator and cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation therapist with the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service.”

So far, no other reporters have confirmed the claims of alleged “chest discomfort” as reasoning for Donald’s unforeseen medical exam and we are also unable to verify the claim with 100 percent certainty at this time. However, several other reporters have certainly spoken on the unusualness of the alleged routine physical:

While it’s certainly impossible to know just exactly why Donald decided to make an unannounced visit to the medical center, as it’s clear that he and his team will be peddling the claim of a jumpstarted annual physical no matter the true reason, it simply cannot be ignored that the whole situation is odd, at best.

It certainly leaves us all wondering… What has Donald Trump got up his sleeve?

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