Trump Lashed Out At Lindsey Graham And Other Key Republicans In Late-Night Email Meltdown

He's lost it.

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Donald Trump hasn’t had access to his trusty, dusty Twitter account for quite some time now, and boy, is it showing.

Yesterday evening, as legal experts buried Trump’s most recent attempts to somehow punish Twitter for banning him in absolute mockery and ridicule, Donald was apparently reduced to emailing lengthy, rage-filled statements to reporters, in which he brutal trashed multiple key figures within the Republican party, some of which have been his most loyal champions and supporters during his term in the White House.

Trump’s manic email spree reportedly started around 8pm EST time last night, when the former President of the United States openly trashed his predecessor, former President George Bush, as a “RINO” (Republican in name only.)


“RINO former President George ‘Dubya’ Bush and his flunky Karl Rove are endorsing warmongering and very low polling, Liz Cheney. Bush is the one who got us into the quicksand of the Middle East and, after spending trillions of dollars and killing nearly a million people, the Middle East was left in worse shape after 21 years than it was when he started his stupidity,” the disgraced former guy wrote in one of his angry emails.

Of course, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about here. So, no matter how angry he is with these people, he’s only going to go so long without harping on all that alleged (disproven) “fraud” that took place in the 2020 presidential election.

The ex-president eventually took to his claims that the media has apparently seen the “evidence” that proves this widespread fraud, yet literally goes on to admit that this alleged evidence has yet to be made public.

“Why is the Fake News Media continuing on their path of saying, ‘baseless and disproven lies,’ concerning the Presidential Election of 2020, no matter how much evidence they see?” Trump fumed, double and tripling down on his claims that have long been disproven and debunked.

“The proof is massive and staggering. The Presidential Election of 2020 was Rigged! When the information becomes public, people will see that it wasn’t even close,” he raged, once again offering precisely zero actual information to back up his claims.

And then he turned back to railing against his people yet again — with some seriously notable names obviously in his line of fire.

“The proof is massive and staggering. The Presidential Election of 2020 was Rigged! When the information becomes public, people will see that it wasn’t even close,” Trump said of his failed attempts to overthrow the 2020 presidential election.

“Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham, and all of the other Republicans who were unwilling to fight for the Presidency of the United States, which would have included at least an additional four Republican Senators, two in Georgia, one in Michigan, one in Arizona, are letting the Democrats get away with the greatest Election Hoax in history—a total con job!” he went on to rage, arguing that his coup, had it been successful, could have overturned the results of 4 senatorial elections, as well.

It appears as though Trump was ultimately referencing a recent excerpt from Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Peril, that claimed Lee and Graham had determined his Big Lie “added up to nothing,” with Graham ultimately comparing it all to a “third grader.”

“The Democrats are vicious and fight like hell, and the Republicans do nothing about it. RINOs fight harder against Republicans than they do against Democrats. They want to be so politically correct, even if that means losing our Country, which is happening now,” the ex-president raged. “They should be ashamed of themselves. Why don’t they have hearings? Or even if just Republicans had open public sessions, we would all hear the irrefutable facts.”

Frankly, it seems to me that absolutely no one is safe from Donald Trump’s ire should they scorn him. No wonder Melania and Barron are so quiet.

Reporting on this topic originally came from Raw Story

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