Trump Lashes Out At Reporter Over Question About Ventilators: “Don’t Be A Cutie Pie”

We need a new president. This one is broken.

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Donald Trump lashed out at a reporter for ABC News during Friday’s Coronavirus Task Force briefing at the White House that turned into a circus show with a madman playing the part of the clown. This sort of attack is what Trump does as he finds himself at the helm with no idea what to do, so he blames everyone else for his ineptness to lead this panicked country. Trump doesn’t have a clue as to what he’s dealing with, so he goes into attack-mode.

ABC News’s Jon Karl asked Trump a reasonable question that was met with dripping sarcasm from the president while Americans are dying.

Karl asked Trump if he can guarantee that “everybody who needs a ventilator can get a ventilator.”

Trump responded to say that “we’re in really good shape” dealing with the pandemic, adding, “We’ve distributed vast numbers of ventilators and we’re prepared to do vast numbers.”

“I hope that we’re going to have leftovers so that we can help other countries,” Trump said, as if unaware that governors have been pleading for them.

Karl pressed on to ask again, “Everybody who needs one will be able to get a ventilator?”

“Look, don’t be a cutie-pie, okay?” Trump shot back. “Nobody’s ever done what we’ve done. Nobody’s done anything like we’ve been able to do. And everything I took over was a mess. It was a broken country in so many ways, in so many ways other than this.”

“I wouldn’t tell me what you — you know, like being a wise guy,” he added.


Trump lashed out at America’s governors today while they have been taking care of their constituents during a national crisis. Trump blamed former President Barack Obama to suggest that he inherited a “broken country.”  Trump was literally left with a playbook to tell him how to handle a pandemic, but he never bothered to read it.

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