Trump Reportedly Made His Most Definitive Declaration Yet About 2024, Apparently Told Christmas Party Guests At White House: “See You In 4 Years”

God help us.

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Things have been rather weird for Donald Trump lately. He and a select few of his people are still clinging tight to the pipe dream of somehow taking the 2020 presidential election win away from President-Elect Joe Biden through a series of baseless lawsuits alleging voter fraud without evidence and useless and expensive recounts at every turn — none of which is doing him any favors or bringing the ridiculous dream of a second consecutive term to fruition.

It has seemingly left the lame-duck president not knowing how to proceed. He’s certainly not about to admit defeat, he’ll be harping about a rigged election on Inauguration Day I have no doubt, but his lawsuits and recounts are blowing up in his face, even Bill Barr is turning on him, and he’s likely beginning to realize that he either has to start at least pretending to accept these results or he’s going to be dragged out of the White House by whatever body part will stay attached long enough to haul him to the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue.

He made as much pretty obvious on Tuesday during a White House Christmas party, during which he came as close to admitting defeat as ever and hinted heavily at another presidential run in 2024 if his efforts to overturn this year’s results remain unsuccessful.


In footage of the event released by the Daily Mail, Trump told his guests, “It’s been an amazing four years. We are trying to do another four years. Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years.”

The guests at the White House Christmas event consisted mostly of Republican National Committee members who cheered at Trump’s mini-announcement — something POLITICO reports as “the most public comments” Donald Trump has made regarding another presidential run.

In addition to the subtle announcement of a 2024 run, something that he’s allegedly considering officially proclaiming on Joe Biden’s inauguration day, Trump’s words during the holiday event were some of the closest thus far to admit his defeat to his Democratic opponent.

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