Trump Reportedly Told Kelly Loeffler On The Way To The Georgia Rally That He Would “Do A Number On Her” On Stage If She Didn’t Back His Electoral College Challenge

He was beyond desperate.

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This whole mockery of our nation’s election and democracy that Donald Trump and his people have created and perpetrated since before November even came around is finally over, whether he likes it or not. In spite of a violent riot at our country’s Capitol building last week, on the day Congress convened to certify the Electoral College votes in favor of the rightful winner Joe Biden, carried out by rapid, pro-Trump insurrectionists, Congress was able to reconvene and certify the votes. Joe Biden is the official President-elect of the United States and will be inaugurated to office in just a few short days. No questions asked.

To be frank, it was always going to turn out this way and we knew that. Every single effort by Trump and his people to produce a different result out of an election that was already fairly called and final essentially blew up in their faces. Their countless, baseless lawsuits were fruitless and the recounts he demanded only served to find a few more votes in favor of the guy that had already beat him in a landslide. But nevertheless, that didn’t stop Donald Trump from digging his heels in to the very bitter end.

As the Electoral College votes closed in on him, Trump was desperately calling upon anyone and everyone he thought could possibly intervene to help him — even going so far as to tell his Vice President Mike Pence that he wouldn’t be his friend anymore if he allowed the vote to be certified in Congress. But as it turns out, Donald didn’t put all his eggs in his VP basket, he went after the small fish too.


According to a report from POLITICO, Trump set his sights on now outgoing Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler, who recently lost he runoff race, in an effort to nearly force her to try to save him by threatening to “do a number on her” from the stage during his Stop The Steal rally on Wednesday morning, before the riots broke out.

The report reads:

Trump’s role in the losses is a hotly debated topic. He told Kelly Loeffler before he landed in Georgia for a final rally on Monday that if she didn’t back the Electoral College challenges, he would ‘do a number on her’ from the stage, according to a source familiar with the events.”

In the end, it didn’t matter what Loeffler had to say about things, or Trump for that matter, or what his rabid supporters tried to do — the votes were certified, the fat lady has sung. It’s over.

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