Trump Seemingly Trying To Win The Evangelical Vote Claims Joe Biden Is “Against The Bible”

Trump really shouldn't have gone there.

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In a desperate bid to hold on to evangelical voters, Donald Trump smeared former Vice President Joe Biden during an interview with Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera by accusing him of being “against the Bible.”

Biden is a longtime practicing Catholic. Meanwhile, Trump has used the Bible as a prop and couldn’t even properly name Second Corinthians back in 2016 when he referred to the book in the Bible as “Two Corinthians” in front of an evangelical audience at Liberty University.

And whole books could be written about Trump’s violations of the Ten Commandments. If he’s so pro-Bible, why has he repeatedly cheated on his wives? Why has he allowed nearly 160,000 Americans to die of coronavirus? Why is he selfish? Why is he greedy? Why is he constantly jealous of others?

And, seriously, why did he order law enforcement to attack peaceful protesters with teargas and rubber bullets so he could hold up the Bible as a prop at a church?

That’s not Christian at all.

Yet, Trump had the gall to accuse Biden of being anti-Bible during the interview.

“He’s against the Bible,” Trump said, shocking Rivera.

“That may be a little harsh,” Rivera replied.

Trump then backtracked by claiming people around Biden are against the Bible.

Again, Biden is a practicing Catholic and has been for years. He has never cheated on his spouse as far as we know and he has worked hard on behalf of the American people for decades in an effort to improve their lives. That’s how a true Christian acts. When Biden prays, he’s not pretending to do it. Trump has been conning religious folks for years now and they either need to realize that, or they really don’t care because they aren’t real Christians either.

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