Trump Sends Out Late Night Statement, Claims “RINO Republicans” Are “Being Played” By Democrats

He sounds jealous of Biden.

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During former President Donald Trump’s time in office, it always seemed to be infrastructure week, but nothing was accomplished. And now it appears that the twice-impeached one-term president is trying to sabotage the bipartisan infrastructure bill. He also called on Senate Republicans to maintain the tax cuts for the wealthy that was passed during his term.

The former president referred in a statement to those negotiating the infrastructure deal as “RINOS” – a juvenile term that means Republicans In Name Only – and called out Democrats for “fake infrastructure proposals.”

“Very important that Senate Republicans not allow our hard-earned tax reductions to be terminated or amended in an upward trajectory in any way, shape, or form,” the statement said.

“They should not be making deals on increasing taxes for the fake infrastructure proposals being put forward by Democrats, almost all of which goes to the ridiculous Green New Deal Marxist agenda,” Trump insisted.

“Also, RINO Republicans should stop negotiating the infrastructure deal – you are just being played by the Radical Left Democrats – they will give you nothing!” he added.

That’s rich coming from a guy who paid $750.00 in federal income taxes the year he won the presidency, and now he’s pushing to maintain the tax cuts for the wealthy, while the rest of us paid more in taxes than this alleged billionaire. And we don’t need Republicans since Democrats could repeal Trump’s tax cuts through the budget reconciliation process. Unsurprisingly, Trump’s tax cuts didn’t work. Republicans said that the reform would grow the economy by up to 6 percent, and they said that they would result in more investment. That didn’t happen, though. The rich got richer, and workers’ wages remained stagnant.

As for infrastructure, I suspect that Trump is jealous that President Joe Biden is getting things done. Jealousy is a narcissistic trait, after all. Trump seemed to think his job was to tweet and lash out at his critics. Trump surrendered to the coronavirus without putting up a fight, just as he did with infrastructure.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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