Former Apprentice Star Explains Why He Thinks Trump Hasn’t Sued Him Even After He Aired The Ex-President’s Dirty Laundry

It all makes sense now.

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Stand-up comedian Noel Casler worked on the set of Trump’s reality TV show, ‘The Apprentice,’ for six seasons. Casler has been dishing out dirt about Trump and his adult family members for quite a while now. And some of the things that Casler has revealed about the former president are thoroughly disgusting. We’ve written about Casler here at the Political Tribune quite a lot as his reveals give us a glimpse into Trump’s narcissistic and dangerous mind. From drug abuse to his pick-up line with women: “You look like my daughter Ivanka.”

However, the one thing that I never understood is why Trump never threatened Casler with a lawsuit since the former president is lawsuit-crazy. In fact, Trump never blocked his former staffer on Twitter even though Casler would tag him in each tweet. And to my knowledge, neither did Ivanka, Don Jr., nor Eric Trump. And Trump had a penchant for blocking people on Twitter. Casler explained that in a couple of tweets, calling the former president a “coward in Cuban heels.”

One thing I know about narcissists is that they hate being exposed.

It’s my understanding that Casler signed a non-disclosure agreement with Trump, meaning that if the comedian’s remarks aren’t true then Donald could sue him into oblivion. And that’s why I found it perplexing that Trump didn’t file a lawsuit against Casler. But it all makes sense now. The difference between Casler and recent authors that have written books about Trump’s presidency is that Casler hasn’t done this for money.

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