Trump Took A Cheap Shot At Kellyanne And Her Marriage During Rant Against “Loser” Republicans

He is absolutely certifiably deranged.

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Despite complaining that he doesn’t have much time to sleep these days, President Donald Trump has been spending many nights rage-tweeting about Republicans who oppose him and even took a shot at Kellyanne Conway’s marriage.

Trump has repeatedly made the outrageous claim that he has been somehow treated worse than former President Abraham Lincoln even though Lincoln was assassinated in 1865.

In response to devastating ads by a group of Republicans known as the Lincoln Project, Trump went absolutely ballistic on Twitter in a post-midnight rant attacking Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and George Conway, against whom Trump went very personal.

Trump referred to these Republicans as “losers” and called them a “disgrace” to Lincoln, all while bragging about his effort to take over the courts and cut taxes for the wealthy and claiming that he has rebuilt the military (it didn’t need rebuilding).

But Trump particularly focused on George Conway, whom he referred to as “Moonface” and suggested that his wife Kellyanne did something really bad to him, a rare shot at Mrs. Conway and her marriage.

Trump then concluded by claiming that Lincoln is smiling down on him and the Republican Party of today.

Trump’s Republican Party is nothing like Lincoln’s. The GOP under Trump’s control more closely resembles the conservative Democratic Party of Lincoln’s era. There’s no way Lincoln would be smiling about what his once-proud party has become under Trump. He would be smiling about the Republicans who are trying to take it back from Trump.

This latest tantrum by Trump should be enough for Kellyanne to say enough is enough and resign. And it should certainly trigger the 25th Amendment being invoked by the Cabinet because no sane president would ever launch such a late-night hissy fit, especially in the middle of a national crisis.

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