Trump Tried To Take Credit For Decline In Cancer Rates, American Cancer Society Responds And Says He’s Wrong

They're not letting him get away with this.

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Donald Trump has a really nasty habit of taking credit for things that he had absolutely nothing to do with. The majority of the time, this tactic of his comes in the form of trying to convince the masses that it was actually him who did something wonderful and patting himself on the back for it when in reality it came straight from the Obama administration.

Most of it honestly stems from the fact that he’s so jealous of his predecessor that it’s a thousand wonders his face hasn’t literally turned green with envy.

But sometimes Trump takes things a step further even and gives himself all the praise for things that Obama had little to nothing to do with — he just wants some recognition for something other than his impeachment and being the worst president in the history of ever.

Yesterday, after a new American Cancer Society report was publicized showing that, between the 2016 and 2017 year cancer death rates had the largest single-year drop and fell overall for the 26th year in a row, it seems Trump saw a golden opportunity to garner himself some praise without actually having to do any work. Yet again.

Taking to his Twitter yesterday, Trump declared, “U.S. Cancer Death Rate Lowest In Recorded History! A lot of good news coming out of this Administration.”

But Donald Trump nor his administration did a damn thing to reduce cancer death rates. In fact, he actively hurts them with his repeated attempts to strip healthcare from millions of Americans.

When the ACS caught wind of Trump’s brag, they were quick to let him know about it.

Per a new report from CNN, chief executive officer of the American Cancer Society and American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Gary M. Reedy made it crystal clear that “president” Donald J. Trump and his administration played absolutely no part in the decline of cancer death rates. At all.

“Since taking office, the president has signed multiple spending bills that have included increases in funding for cancer research at the National Institutes of Health and National Cancer Institute — though the impact of those increases are not reflected in the data contained in this report,” CNN reports Reedy stating.

In addition to chastising Trump for taking credit for hard work and dedication that he didn’t do, Reedy was sure to point out that should he actually want to have a helping hand in further reducing those rates he needed to increase access to healthcare across the nation, not actively attempt to strip it away at every turn.

“The administration has an opportunity to significantly impact future declines in both cancer incidence and mortality by increasing access to comprehensive health care, supporting robust and sustained increases in federal funding for cancer research and passing and implementing evidence-based tobacco control policies,” Reedy stated.

Frankly, Donald Trump is the absolute last living, breathing human being on the face of this earth that has any right to take credit for better stats in any healthcare-related field. Especially cancer, which costs millions of Americans millions of dollars every year thanks to shitty healthcare coverage.

And Trump quite literally built his presidential campaign on taking away what little we’ve got.

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