Watch As Trump Supporter Appears To Stumble When Asked To Name Something POTUS Has Done Well

This is hilarious.

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Do you ever find yourself wondering just what in the hell it is that draws all of these MAGA fanatics to Donald Trump? What is it, truly, that keeps them coming back for more? Despite all the broken promises, the bald-faced lies, the incoherent gibberish that would’ve landed your grandpa in a home two years ago — what keeps them loyal?

For some, it’s the way he makes it so damn easy to be a racist dickbag in the open light of day now. For others, it’s how sexist he allows them to be without punishment. Some thrive on the bigotry, some on the bullying. Some people are still holding tight to the excuse of that’s just how they were raised. They come from a long line of Republicans and they just ain’t about to change that now.

But for some, like one young individual at Trump’s Toldeo, Ohio MAGA rally last night, they just don’t have a real reason at all. Literally.


During Trump’s first 2020 campaign rally of the new year, a reporter stopped a young-looking MAGA supporter and asked him, “What is something that you believe the president has done well?”

But instead of responding with your typical MAGA reply of “He killed ISIS!” or a loud, barely coherent screech of, “THE WAAAALLLLL!!!!” this young fellow just found himself utterly tongue-tied, stumbling over his words, trying desperately to kick that last brain cell he’s got to his name in gear so he could verbally vomit out a somewhat acceptable answer. Yet nothing.

“Uh, hmm…” the supporter stammered. “I… I… I’m just… I’m not really sure. I just support him.”

Really now? Is that all ya got, buddy? You just support him?

It’s pretty damn sad when a dude plucked out of the crowd of your own rally can’t even muster up one single, solitary reason to support your ass.

You can watch the clip here:

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