Trump Went On Late Night Twitter Rant Against “Wacky Do Nothing” Michigan AG After She Said He’s No Longer Welcome In The State

He's literally a toddler in an ill-fitting suit.

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Donald Trump’s feud with Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel appeared to reach a fever pitch overnight when the President of the United States lashed out at the local official after she declared that he was unwelcome in her state moving forward due to his decision to skirt the face-covering law MI enacted in response to large outbreaks of coronavirus.

Earlier in the day yesterday, as Trump prepared to depart for his trip to tour the Ford factory in Ypsilanti, Nessel made it painfully clear that Donald would be held to the same standards as everyone else in Michigan in regard to wearing a mask or face covering during his time in the state.

However, as expected, Trump largely dodged the rules while visiting the Ford plant, much the same as he’s done everywhere else throughout this pandemic, despite the strong recommendations from the CDC as well as members of his own Coronavirus Task Force.

As a result of Trump’s disregard for the rules, Nessel appeared on CNN yesterday evening to make it clear to the president and the rest of the nation that she meant what she said — and as for her and her office, Donald Trump is now no longer welcome in the state of Michigan due to his blatant disregard for human life.

Unsurprisingly, Donald didn’t take well to Nessel’s refusal to bow down to his antics. He didn’t take well to it at all.

Taking to Twitter late last night, Trump went on a rampant, disgusting, and unwarranted attack against Nessel, breaking out some of his nastiest insults to date in a two-part ambush post on social media.

But Donald’s fit of rage didn’t stop there. He followed it up with yet another tweet full of vile immaturity.

We have officially reached the point of this presidency where I’ve met literal toddlers with more grace, maturity, compassion, and respect than the man who is currently living it up in the White House.

Might I remind the president that we’re in the midst of a literal pandemic of epic proportions? People are dying by the thousands. Millions more are infected. Tens of millions are out of work. They can’t pay their rent or feed their families.

And the guy that’s supposed to be bringing us out of this disaster? He’s rage tweeting in the middle of the night like a scorned pre-teen.

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