Trump Won’t Be Happy As Bill Barr Speaks Out, Publicly Denies Claim Ex-President Made Against Him

Trump is going to be beyond furious.

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As I’m sure you’ve been able to tell through Donald Trump’s recent public appearances such as his reignited MAGA rallies and his CPAC speech last week, the ex-president is extremely unhappy with his former Attorney General Bill Barr for not doing enough, in Trump’s opinion, to steal the 2020 presidential election back for him.

But it seems that after four long years of taking crap from the reality TV wash-up turned President, Bill Barr isn’t eager to take anymore lying down.

Earlier this week, Trump issued yet another one of his “official” statements, in which he claimed that former U.S. Attorney William McSwain was hindered from investigating alleged tampering in the United States election. The former prosecutor-turned-Republican gubernatorial candidate blamed his inability to investigate on Trump’s ex-Attorney General Bill Barr. However, Barr doesn’t seem to be standing for that now, as a new report from POLITICO reveals that the ex-AG has publicly denied both Trump’s and McSwain’s claims.

“U.S. Attorney from the Eastern District of Pennsylvania was precluded from investigating election fraud allegations. Outrageous!” Trump’s unhinged statement reads.

But Barr tells the publication, “[McSwain’s letter] written to make it seem like I gave him a directive. I never told him not to investigate anything.”

Trump accompanied his angry statement with a two-page letter from McSwain seeking the ex-president’s endorsement, but Barr told POLITICO that the claims are just bull.

“It’s very cutely written,” the former Attorney General noted. “He said he was going to try to thread the needle. … He said to me he didn’t want to say anything that would advance the president’s stolen election narrative, but by the same token he was going to try to thread the needle by saying some things that were literally, technically accurate.”

Barr, who resigned from his position as AG in the final weeks of Trump’s presidency, on the heels of the Capitol riot, revealed that he cautioned McSwain not to take that approach, despite the fact that Barr himself had given the authorization for all United States attorney generals to investigate possible ballot fraud and irregularities in the vote counts.

“I said, ‘But you’re trying to give the impression these things were not adequately or fully investigated,'” Barr told the publication.

McSwain asserts that his letter is in reference to a complaint by Navy veteran Gregory Stenstrom, who claimed that 47 USB drives went missing in Delaware County. However, Deleware officials say that the devices were only used to program voting machines and did not actually have any votes on them.

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