Trump’s Going To Be Furious After New Spokesperson Made A Big Oopsie, Tweeted An Article That Calls Out The Ex-President’s Lie

Uhm... Oops?

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Ex-president Donald Trump has recently acquired himself a new spokesperson after Jason Miller left the Trump Team to become CEO of a bigger, better tech company — where he launched a beta version of a new social media platform. However, it seems as though one of two things is happening with Trump’s replacement for Miller; either she’s really bad at her job or she secretly hates her boss.

Recently, Trump’s new spokesperson Liz Harrington tweeted out an article from The Bradenton Herald that covered Donald Trump’s recent campaign-style rally he held in Sarasota, Florida. However, it seems as though Harrington didn’t read the article before she publicly tweeted it out to all her followers, because it wasn’t flattering for her boss.

Harrington was pretty obviously trying to utilize the article to brag about the crowd size Trump pulled in over the holiday weekend, pulling a quote from the piece to caption her tweet, “Saturday’s Save America Rally in Sarasota attracted a record crowd to the Sarasota Fairgrounds, organizers said,” and conveniently left out the part about the claim being made by the event’s organizers.


But that wasn’t the only thing the Trump spokesperson left out.

Harrington was quickly buried in mockery on the social media platform as users pretty much instantly noticed that the article’s subheading read, “There has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud that would have affected the outcome of the election.”

Donald Trump’s new spokesperson literally tweeted an article that calls Donald Trump out on his incessant election lies.

It wasn’t just the subheading that called the disgraced ex-president out either. The entire article covered the topic throughout, including this particular line:

Though there has never been any substantial evidence of voter fraud that would have overturned Trump’s 2020 defeat as Trump has claimed, supporters in the crowd maintained that ‘Trump won.'”

As you’d expect, Twitter ripped Harrington, a former spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, to delicious shreds:

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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When will these people ever learn to READ THE ARTICLE?!

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