Trump’s 2024 Immigration Plan Goes Public And It’s Worse Than You Think, Targets Innocent Children And Political Views: Axios Report

This is far more horrifying than we were prepared for.

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Scandal-plagued former President Donald Trump is more desperate than ever to make a return to the White House in the rapidly approaching 2024 presidential election, as his legal troubles mount from every conceivable direct and his desperation to once again secure the protections offered by the power of the US presidency grows out of control.

As such, the disgraced ex-president has made it more than clear that if we thought he was bad the last go around, just wait because it is absolutely assured to get so much worse.

This week, Donald Trump’s proposed new immigration restrictions that he plans to implement if/when he returns to the presidency has gone public in a new report from Axios, and while we’ve learned the hard way to always expect the worst for this monster, it’s safe to say that these proposed sweeping restrictions are far worse than we were even prepared for — as the corrupt former president intends to target everything from political views to literal innocent children in an effort to pull the US away from the melting pot it was always meant to be.

In his first term, Trump did his best to turn US immigration on its head, with promises of a grand wall spanning the entire US border that he swore to his soul would be paid for by Mexico. As we’re all aware, that campaign promise never actually came to fruition. Trump was only successful in erecting an embarrassingly small portion of his pathetic border wall. However, he did wield his power to enforce strict guidelines regarding health and wealth against any potential immigrants to the US. But according to the Axios report, the former president intends to go full throttle if his White House comeback is successful by not only dusting off some old, particularly heinous, and rarely used restrictions that are already in place in the US but adding some of his own new ones as well.

Stephen Miller, Donald Trump’s former top White House aide who was notorious for the bulk of the horrifying, racist, and downright draconian immigration policies to come out of the Trump Administration, said of Donald’s proposed new policies, “For those passionate about securing our immigration system … the first 100 days of the Trump administration will be pure bliss — followed by another four years of the most hard-hitting action conceivable.”

The US has had a long-standing law that barred communists from entering the country, however, that law has rarely been implemented over the decades it’s been on the books. Trump intends to harness that old law to reject and ban any and all immigration applicants who are arbitrarily deemed as “Marxists.” The report further adds that Donald intends to not only revitalize but expand his infamous “Muslim Ban” to restrict access to the US for immigrants from even more countries.

The former president reportedly plans to deploy the US Coast Guard and the Navy to form blockades in the ocean, meant to deter drug smuggling boats, and will formally designate any drug cartels as “unlawful enemy combatants”— a move that will give Trump, in his capacity as the Commander in Chief, the power to direct military attacks against the cartels on Mexican soil.

But believe it or not, that isn’t even the worst of it.

If returned to the White House, the corrupt former president intends to reinstate Title 42 — a public health order that was implemented numerous times throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Trump intends to utilize the order to expel innocent children from the US under the guise of fighting and protecting against child sex trafficking.

Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, of the American Immigration Council, said of Donald Trump’s new immigration plans, “It is the QAnon-ization of border policy. We are seeing a lot more talk about the border as a hub for child sex trafficking, even though there is effectively no evidence.”

Trump further plans to once again dismantle birthright citizenship for children of undocumented migrants, something he attempted to do during his first time. However, the former president now feels he has a better chance of surviving the inevitable Supreme Court challenges, now that he has successfully stacked the SCOTUS in his favor. He is also seeking to extend the highly controversial and downright barbaric floating barriers that have left multiple immigrant children along the Rio Grande on the Texas-Mexico border gravely injured.

Find the full report from Axios here.

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