Trump’s Ego Is Out Of Control; Shared A Truth Social Post That Said “Jesus Is The Greatest” But Donald Trump “Is The Second Greatest”

I wish this was a joke.

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There’s really been no denying over the past several years that Donald Trump fully believes he’s the best thing to hit the face of this Earth since sliced bread. The man’s overinflated ego and general obsession with himself are frankly unmatched. So much so that he’s not just vying with sliced bread these days. Apparently, he believes he’s way up there on par with Jesus H. Christ himself.

Suffice it to say, Donnie’s been having a really hard time here lately — what with the neverending probes, investigations, scandals, and lawsuits that just keep mounting against him from every conceivable direction, with no end in sight, that are beginning to threaten not only his chances and ability at running for a second term in the White House but are beginning to threaten his future freedom as he faces down real, serious indictments on multiple alleged crimes. So, with that being said, I guess he’s looking for a way to make himself feel better and more confident, and remind himself that he’s got an unhinged cult of devout followers at his fingertips.

It seems he found the perfect opportunity to do just that this week when one of his loyal, staunch followers took to Truth Social with a post that openly compared Donald Trump to Jesus Christ, claiming that, while Jesus is the “greatest,” Donald Trump is the “second greatest.”

It looks like this was exactly what Donnie’s ego needed, as he apparently loved it so much, he decided to “re-Truth” the post, that featured an image of white Jesus and the caption, “Jesus is the Greatest. President @realDonaldTrump is the second greatest.”

Now, while Trump gets all the adoration and praise over on his floundering Truth Social platform, he’s not so beloved when it comes to his old haunt, Twitter. Believe me when I say, when the news of this post made it’s way over to the Twitter-sphere, the mockery with instant and it was RUTHLESS:

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Hell, maybe this is where he got the idea that he could declassify government documents with the power of his thoughts.

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