A Former Trump WH Official Claimed An Inside Source Told Him That Mark Meadows Appeared To Have A “Nervous Breakdown” On Jan. 6th

Looks like Meadows was a little mentally unstable.

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Cassidy Hutchinson’s recent testimony during the surprise January 6th House Select Committee hearing invoked Donald Trump’s then Chief of Staff and her boss, Mark Meadows, on several occasions throughout her revelations — a lot of which was regarding Meadows’ less than ideal demeanor on the fateful day that his boss’ rabid mob of supporters violently stormed and attacked the nation’s Capitol building.

Now Mick Mulvaney, the former Trump Chief of Staff who came before Meadows, has spoken out with the revelation that he has supposedly spoken with an inside source who was in the Trump White House on the day of the infamous Capitol riot and the individually allegedly readily agreed with Mulvaney’s assessment that Mark Meadows was either having a “nervous breakdown” or simply completely “incompetent” on January 6th, 2021.

Mulvaney sat down for a segment with CBS, where he claimed to have texted a source during Cassidy Hutchinson’s explosive testimony, in regard to his Chief of Staff successor. Speaking before the January 6th House Select Committee Hutchinson, formerly a top aide to Mark Meadows, testified that her boss and Trump’s Chief of Staff was behaving extremely aloof on January 6th, 2021, both before and during the Capitol attack, as Donald Trump’s supporters sieged the Capitol building, with Congress inside, in a desperate attempt to stop the Electoral College certification in the now-former president’s name.

“I was talking with a friend of mine during the testimony last week and I was texting back and forth,” Mick Mulvaney claimed. “And this person was in the West Wing during the Jan. 6 riots. And I said, ‘You know, if I listen to Cassidy closely, it sounds like Mark was either completely incompetent at the job or was having a nervous breakdown.'”

According to Meadows’ predecessor, his inside source text back and said, “It was a little bit of both.”

Mulvaney went on to claim that the Chief of Staff position in any White House is “crucial” before adding, “That would explain a lot of the breakdown in the West Wing.”

In her damning testimony before the panel, Cassidy revealed under oath that Mark Meadows told her, “There is a lot going on, Cass. I don’t know, but things might get real, real bad on Jan. 6.”

Text messages both to and from Mark Meadows have recently been released by the January 6th House Select Committee, showing that multiple people within Trump’s circle had implored Donald’s then Chief of Staff to call on the president to speak out, act, and bring an end to the fatal violence at the Capitol building.

Watch Mulvaney’s appearance on CBS here:

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