Trump’s Impeachment Attorney Appears To Be Desperate For A Defense, Accuses Hunter Biden Of “Going Fishing” With His Dad

Evidently family vacations are illegal now?

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Throughout the course of Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate, it’s become increasingly clear that his defense team is extremely desperate for, well, a defense.

Frankly, Donald Trump did just exactly what Donald Trump is being accused of doing. All of us over here on the left side of the field know that and if you ask me, most of them over there on the right do, too, regardless of their unwillingness to admit as much — that includes Trump himself, his band of GOP jurors, and his defense team.

Once this whole debacle got underway, we pretty much expected some hairbrained excuses out of the team of attorneys pegged to deliver justifications for Trump’s actions to the Senate. However, I don’t know that I expected them to get quite this far out there.

Trump attorney Pam Bondi addressed the Senate today with yet another attack against Joe and Hunter Biden (because evidently that’s just about all they’ve got left these days), this time, over the fact that the Biden family went on a fishing trip.

In trying to disparage Hunter Biden for profiting off his father’s name (it’s only okay when the Trumps practice nepotism, by the way, not the Bidens), Bondi harped on Hunter’s lack of qualifications for his gig in Ukraine before declaring, “He went on a fishing trip with Joe Biden’s family in Norway.”

Okay. But… Has no one clued Pam in on the fact that Hunter Biden IS Joe Biden’s family?

I mean, this is almost sad, folks. Literally, it seems the woman’s only defense for her client is the fact that a family went on a family fishing trip.

Almost like how Ivanka and the rest of those spoiled wastes of good trust funds tag along to the Buckingham Palace on daddy’s coattails?

It’s not as though Hunter Biden were some random third party dudebro that just hitched a ride to Norway on the Biden plane. Furthermore, if he were, Trump’s defense would have even less defense than they do now because nepotism wouldn’t even be on the table.

Literally, these people are doing the hard work for us by contradicting almost everything that comes out of their own mouths.

You can watch the clip here:

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