Video Exposed Donald Trump’s Disturbing Ego, Showed Mar-A-Lago Guests Stopping Their Meals To Stand And Clap As Donald Entered The Dining Room: “His House, His Rules”

This is what rock bottom looks like.

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Not long ago, Donald Trump’s own niece, Dr. Mary Trump, warned the world of the one sure-fire way to send her uncle flying off the handle past the point of return — irrelevancy.

“Donald becomes his most dangerous when he fears loss of relevance when he fears that he is no longer the center of attention,” Dr. Mary Trump said during a recent segment on MSNBC. “When he fears that he is no longer the one in control.”

Donald Trump is, in fact, becoming rapidly irrelevant — in the real world, anyway. The man who once centered himself as the de facto leader of the Republican Party, who made it out as though the mere whisper of his personal endorsement was a kingmaker, has experienced a catastrophic year, that has effectively crescendoed into what I can only imagine has been the worst few weeks of his life.

Trump has faced down numerous lawsuits, probes, and investigations from every conceivable angle, ever since the moment he was out of the White House and no longer protected and shielded by the powers of the United States presidency. However, over the course of the last few weeks, so much of that has begun to come to a head — ranging from the January 6th Committee’s impending final report, to the New York Attorney General’s massive lawsuit worth literal millions, to the Manhattan DA’s criminal investigation that’s seen Trump Org CFO Allen Weisselberg begin to turn on the crime family, to the bombshell news of the DOJ’s Special Counsel investigation. And, of course, all of that doesn’t even begin to touch on the catastrophic midterm elections that saw numerous losses for Trump-endorsed candidates, and his disastrous 2024 presidential campaign launch that garnered very little support, and a whole lot more disdain as people run out of patience for Trump’s incessant antics.

In the real world, Donald Trump is rapidly morphing into a long-running embarrassment that everyone would like to soon forget.

But not at Mar-a-Lago.

A while back, we reported on claims from a local author who said that Trump’s Palm Beach estate has fallen into a disarray of sorts, full of “vulgar, redneck types” following the former president’s humiliating 2020 election loss. It’s a rather humiliating downgrade for the scandal-ridden former president. But, it appears it’s also all he’s got left to keep him going and prevent his fragile, over-inflated ego from shattering to pieces.

A rather unsettling video is now spreading like wildfire across social media that appears to show Mar-a-Lago dinner guests stopping their meals, standing up, and clapping as the ex-president entered the country club’s dining room.

The clip was posted to social media by popular Twitter user and former federal prosecutor Ron Folipkowski, who captioned the video, “Got to remember to stand up and clap while you’re eating if he walks in. His house, his rules.”

Suffice it to say, Twitter users were disturbed:

Look around, Donald. This is rock bottom.

Featured image via screen capture

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