Trump’s New Press Sec Once Claimed “We Will Not See Diseases Like The Coronavirus Come Here”

She lied and people died.

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The White House filled the Press Secretary vacancy by hiring Kayleigh McEnany, who has a history of lying for President Donald Trump, including a whopper about the coronavirus back in February.

Stephanie Grisham left the position after never once holding a press briefing, becoming First Lady Melania Trump’s chief of staff.

She held the position for ten months following Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ departure as the biggest liar in the administration next to Trump.

McEnany, who previously was the RNC spokesman and the press secretary of the Trump campaign, is now poised to tell lies for Trump behind the big podium.

Of course, her previous lies are already coming back to bite her, especially a lie she told about Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic at the end of February.

“This president will always put America first, he will always protect American citizens,” McEnany said on Fox during an interview with recently-fired host Trish Regan. “We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here, we will not see terrorism come here. And isn’t that refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of President Obama?”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

The coronavirus has since slammed the United States, with over 45,000 dead and over 830,000 infected across the country. Trump failed to protect this country as McEnany claimed he would, and now she will spend whatever length of time she ends up being press secretary desperately trying to cover for him with more lies — making Huckabee Sanders and Grisham look like saints in comparison.

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