Trump’s Old White House Physician Disclosed Details About The Ex-President’s Health

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Former White House doctor and current Republican House Representative Ronny Jackson is once again out here shoving his head so far up Donald Trump’s read end, that he can’t see daylight.

Jackson (who was reportedly the Trump administration’s resident drunk), who now serves as a state House Rep. in Texas’ 13th congressional district, recently made an appearance on Newsmax where he openly bragged that Donald Trump’s health was in the “top 10 percent of everyone his age” he Jackson examined Trump during his presidential term, in his capacity as the official White House doctor.

During his Newsmax appearance, Jackson cited the fact that Trump doesn’t smoke nor drink and some sort of proof to back up his claims.

Newsmax host Greg Kelly pointedly noted that Ronny was pretty notorious for bragging about Trump’s health during his time as the White House physician before asking the TX rep. to describe the now ex-president’s condition.

“He’s in great health,” Jackson responded. “And people wonder why he’s so healthy because, you know, he famously doesn’t have a really great diet and he doesn’t exercise much other than playing golf and whatnot.”

“You gotta look at his whole life,” he added. “Throughout his life, he never drank, he never smoked, he led a pretty healthy life overall compared to a lot of folks, so I think he’s reaping the rewards of a healthy life early on.”

“He was in great shape. I put him on the treadmill and did a cardiac stress test on him. He knocked it out of the water. I mean – he was in the top ten percent of everyone his age.”

Of course, with the growing possibility of Trump going head to head with Joe Biden once again come 2024, it seems Jackson couldn’t pass up the opportunity to note that he was always extremely “thorough” when giving Donald Trump examinations before claiming that it’s something “we have not seen” from the current White House doctor with regard to President Biden and his health.

It certainly seems like Donald may be looking to his old pal to help make him look good as the possibility and probability of an official Trump 2024 announcement gets closer and closer.

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