Donald Trump’s Alleged Assault Victim Publicly Spoke Out, Exposed Ex-President’s Horrifying Relationship With An Infamous Abuser

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Every day at this point, ex-President Donald Trump will pull some stunt, or some new piece of information will come out against him, that leaves me thinking for at least a moment, “This is it. He couldn’t possibly, humanly get any worse than he is right this moment.” But, I’ve come to learn that it never fails, the moment I find that thought crossing my mind, yet another shoe will drop to quickly remind me that that’s simply not true. He can always get worse, and he always does.

Jill Harth, a celebrity make-up artist and former pageant organizer, has recently broken her silence and spoken out against former real estate “mogul” turned ex-President Donald Trump, complete with blood-curdling details regarding Donald’s close relationship with the deceased, infamous sexual abuser/rapist Jeffrey Epstein, according to a report from the Daily Mail. 

Harth filed a lawsuit back in 1997, which was later dropped, accusing the now-former president of attempted rape and several instances of sexual harassment over a period of 5 years.

As noted above, the lawsuit filed by Harth was eventually dropped, just a month after it was filed. But now, all these years later, the Trump accuser is using her voice once more to speak out against the man with over 20-plus similar allegations lodged against him.

The Daily Mail reports that Harth described Trump and Epstein as the “big cojones” in a group of rich and powerful men who ultimately devolved into a disturbingly problematic figure within the beauty pageant scene.

“They were both seducing women with their money. Trump really came off like he was hot stuff. They had no trouble,” Harth describes. “It was a game to them to catch the girl and see who they were going to hook up with. They were in competition with each other. They were both girl hounds.”

According to the Trump accuser, Epstein and Trump had rather different styles when it came to the way they treated the woman they were scoping out. Harth claims Epstein was on the quieter “low-key wingman” side, while Trump served as the “pushy guy.”

“I had known Epstein through some of the other people at our events, they told me he was working with Les Wexner from Victoria’s Secret, which was the hot thing back in the nineties, and that he managed his money and was a scout for models,” Harth explains. “It was a big deal for the girls when he showed up at an event, as he would come in on a private jet.”

“I never heard Jeffrey in my world being aggressive. Trump was very pushy and a big foreboding guy. He was very overpowering. Jeffrey wasn’t like that, he wasn’t a flamboyant person, but very low-key and didn’t say much. So it seemed like Jeffrey was like his wingman, but Jeffrey really used the Victoria’s Secret connection. That was his draw. And Donald would also brag: ”You know Jeffrey? My friend can get you in Victoria’s Secret.” He did that with the girls.”

The real kicker?

Those two were definitely close friends, they were tight, they lived two blocks away in New York.”

Eventually, Harth went on to touch on the topic of many of the girls that Epstein was involved with were underage. According to her, Trump didn’t care.

“No, I don’t think Trump cared. The younger the better. That’s my thought on it now. I say: ‘You are, who you hang with.'”

“Epstein dabbled with a lot of different women and so did Donald. There are so many more that won’t come out because there’s no upside to it. There’s none. It greatly affected my life,” Harth revealed to the publication.

You can read the full details of Harth’s revelations from the Daily Mail here.

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