Trump’s Own Niece Issued The Most Terrifying Warning We’ve Ever Heard: “Donald Will Burn Everything Down” If Republicans Turn On Him

This is absolutely terrifying...

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Donald Trump has officially made his big 2024 campaign announcement, in which he formally committed to his presidential candidacy for the Republican nomination in the next presidential election in the United States. This will mark Trump’s 3rd consecutive presidential campaign, only one of which he has won thus far.

The campaign announcement didn’t exactly go off without a hitch, to say the very least, as multiple high-level, senior Republicans have already begun to turn their backs on the man who was once widely considered to be the de facto leader of the GOP.

Given the influx of anti-Trump Republicans we’ve seen following the announcement, our attention has been turned back to a stark and terrifying warning that was issued by none other than Donald Trump’s own niece, psychologist Mary Trump, just a few days before her uncle made his official announcement — in which Dr. Trump warned that Donald will “burn everything down” if the Republican Party turns its back on him.

Speaking with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, knowing full well that her uncle’s campaign announcement was on the horizon, Dr. Mary Trump warned that there is serious danger in the ex-president’s fear of becoming “irrelevant.”

“What do you think happens here?” Velshi pressed. “Donald Trump wants to be relevant, in the face of an election that has done something for him he never wanted: it has proved that he is potentially less relevant than he thinks he is. How do you square those things? You maintain that he maintains the dangerousness in the Republican Party, by extension the most dangerous person in America.”

“Donald becomes his most dangerous when he fears loss of relevance when he fears that he is no longer the center of attention,” Mary answered. “When he fears that he is no longer the one in control.”

The psychologist went on to further explain, “We don’t know just what kind of information he has on other people in his party. What we do know is he would be willing to use it. I believe we talked about this before the 2020 election. Donald will burn everything down if he feels like he is going down — we cannot discount that, we ignore him at our peril.”

“That is why the Republican Party strategy of deciding to turn a different direction won’t work,” Mary Trump said. “One, it won’t work because he won’t let them do it. Two, it shouldn’t work because they are largely responsible for the state of the party and the dangers that this party continues to present to this country.”

It certainly seems that Trump’s threat to this nation is only going to grow.

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