Tucker Carlson Calls Burned Fox News Christmas Tree “An Attack On Christianity” And People Have Some Thoughts: “A Christmas Tree Is Actually A Pagan Symbol And Has NOTHING To Do With Christianity!”

*clutches pearls*

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A 49-year-old homeless man was arrested for allegedly setting a giant Christmas tree outside the Fox News building in midtown Manhattan ablaze early Wednesday. This is the biggest news of the year for the network. Craig Tamanaha was taken into custody hours later and charged with a list of crimes. According to police, the fire didn’t appear to be premeditated or politically motivated. The outrage from the right over the torched tree is weird.

The hosts of Fox & Friends consoled their viewers over the burnt tree, with Ainsley Earhardt dramatically promising to “rebuild it,” and I’m not sure how you rebuild a tree, but OK. And somehow, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade blamed “left-wing” officials. As if she’s vying for a gig at Fox News, Republican Party Chair Ronna McDaniel somehow linked President Joe Biden to the tree and suggested that the burned tree will be a “huge problem for Democrats.”

And now we have Tucker Carlson. Sigh.

“A Christmas tree is a symbol. It’s a symbol of a specific culture,” Carlson insisted. “It’s a symbol of a much-loved tradition that’s hundreds of years old. Above all, it’s a symbol of a religion, the world’s largest. Torching Christmas trees is an attack on Christianity.”


Twitter users piled in:

Pagans started the tradition of Christmas trees, and that decoration isn’t a symbol of Christianity. Jesus wasn’t even born in December. Christmas was chosen as a celebratory day on the same day as a pagan holiday that celebrated the winter solstice. And this tweet from comedian Stephen Colbert has riled up conservatives on Twitter.

It’s a tree, guys. Calm the hell down. As for Craig Tamanaha, it sounds like he has mental health issues.

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