Tucker Carlson Told His Audience To Call The Police And CPS If They See A Child Wearing A Mask Outdoors: “It’s Child Abuse”

I have no words.

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If you thought that Fox News sycophant Tucker Carlson had finally somehow reached the depths of his disgusting depravity, I implore you to give this article a read because he’s now officially at the bottom of the barrel and just keeps getting worse.

It’s no secret that Fox News as a whole isn’t a huge fan of anything regarding the prevention of the spread of coronavirus — a literal deadly virus that’s claimed over 500 thousand lives just in the United States alone. However, they were getting pretty good about just keeping their mouths shut about it, what with the lawsuits and all. But then in comes Tucker Carlson.

In my humble opinion, Carlson has always been the worst of the worst to even be puked up by the uber-conservative, right-wing network. But, if he hasn’t earned that title for you just yet, take a look at this.

As recently as March, Carlson seemed to be at least halfway okay with folks wearing a mask to stop the spread of the virus. But apparently, something snapped.

During his segment last night, the Fox News personality actually encouraged his viewers to openly harass anyone they see wearing a mask out in public — and even went so far as to tell his viewers to call the police and CPS on parents of children they see wearing a mask outdoors.

Carlson opened his segment by blasting liberals as “neurotic” for faithfully protecting themselves and others with a face-covering throughout the pandemic, claiming that a high portion of left-leaning people suffer from an “actual mental health condition.” He goes on to claim that a recent Pew survey found that liberals are often critical of people around him who aren’t wearing a mask in the middle of a raging, deadly pandemic, so Tucker took it upon himself to encourage his audience to turn that around.

“The rest of us should be snorting at them first. They’re the aggressors. It’s our job to brush them back and restore the society we were born in,” he said. “So the next time you see someone in a mask on the sidewalk or on the bike path, do not hesitate. Ask politely but firmly, ‘Would you please take off your mask? Science shows there is no reason for you to be wearing it. Your mask is making me uncomfortable.’”

“We should do that and we should keep doing it until wearing a mask outside is roughly as socially accepted as lighting a Marlboro on an elevator. It’s repulsive. Don’t do it around other people. That’s the message we should send because it’s true,” he added.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Tucker took it a step further when he pushed for far more drastic measures should his viewers see children outside wearing a mask.

“As for forcing children to wear masks outside, that should be illegal,” he fumed. “Your response when you see children wearing masks as they play should be no different from your response to seeing someone beat a kid in Walmart. Call the police immediately. Contact Child Protective Services. Keep calling until someone arrives. What you’re looking at is abuse, it’s child abuse, and you are morally obligated to attempt to prevent it.”

“Fighting back is the only option,” the Fox host asserted. He went on to tell his audience if  “we don’t resist, there is no escape.”

Yea. He literally likened a child wearing a mask outdoors to a child being BEATEN in Walmart.

I don’t know how much worse he can even get from here.

You can watch the clip here:

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