Twitter Reportedly Has Temporarily Limited Don Jr.’s Account And People Are Ecstatic: “Twitter Holds The Trumps More Accountable For Lying Than Republicans”

The president is going to lose his sh*t.

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Twitter basically just told Donald Trump Jr to sit in a corner for twelve hours and think of the bad thing he just did after the president’s spawn tweeted out misinformation on the COVID-19 pandemic. The behemoth social site, Trump’s favorite platform, cited “misleading and potentially harmful information” about the coronavirus as the reason for limiting Junior’s tweeting abilities.

The tweet included a video published by Breitbart News, and it touts the drug hydroxychloroquine as a cure for COVID-19. It featured people that claim to be doctors, who falsely argued that “you don’t need masks” and that studies showing that the drug may not be effective are “fake science.”

So now, Junior will not be able to tweet for the next twelve hours or use other features such as following other users or liking their tweets.

Twitter users celebrated the news.

Good question:

Trumpers are crying on Twitter right now, claiming that Twitter is censoring conservatives. Well, since the government does not own Twitter, the First Amendment does not apply. Junior is propagating dangerous disinformation amid a pandemic that has already taken over one hundred and fifty thousand American lives. There are no do-overs after taking dangerous advice during a deadly pandemic.

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