Twitter Users Brutally Mock Eric Trump Over Truly Bizarre Interview: “He Looks Like He Hit His Brother’s Stash Before The Interview”


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Eric Trump seems to be trying to win the prize for the dumbest adult child of the former president. Eric appeared on Sean Hannity’s show Friday night to complain about President Joe Biden — the very man that gave his father an ass-whooping in November in both the electoral and popular vote. So, a clip of the show hit the internet of Eric Trump basically saying the same thing over and over. “I could go on and on and on,” Eric Trump says multiple times. And the thing with this footage is that it is different clips from the same interview, and it’s weird.


Twitter users pounced.

According to the Fox News chyron, the right-wing concern of the day is about the possibility of inflation. That’s a big talking point right now with Republicans, but the thing is that prices tumbled in March and April of last year when the pandemic ripped through the economy and have since rebounded. But, do go “on and on,” Eric.

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