Two Middle School Teachers In Serious Hot Water After Sickening Video Footage Showed Them Going On Profanity-Filled Rant In The Classroom, Screamed At Students, And One Of Them Used The N-Word At Least Twice

This is sickening.

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Two teachers with Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky have found themselves in some serious hot water, and on the receiving end of a reassignment, after video footage allegedly captured by a student showed the two professionals going on a profanity-filled tirade in the classroom, screaming at the middle school students, and using a disgusting racial slur, according to a recent report from the Louisville Courier Journal. 

In the 9-minute video that was posted to Facebook, two teachers can be heard berating and yelling at students of Carrithers Middle School, allegedly for misbehaving. One of the teachers involved in the rant, who is very clearly white, can be heard in the footage saying the N-word at least twice, and going on to whine and complain that he is subjected to slurs “every day.”

The other teacher in the footage is heard complaining and stating that she is sick and tired of hearing the notion that race plays a role in how a person is treated by the police.

“Someone explain to me what would happen if you acted some of the ways your classmates act if they were stopped by the police,” the second teacher can be heard saying in the video clip, as she ranted at the middle school students. “Do you think a cop is going to be like ‘Oh my God, we’ll give you another chance. Honey, just go home to mommy’. No, they’re going to have you down on the ground — no matter your color, so let’s not even use that excuse. I’m getting tired of that too.”

Cheri Allen is the parent of the child who recorded the two teachers on their unhinged, racist classroom rants, and she said in a Facebook post that she was absolutely shocked and sickened by the language the two educators used.

“You don’t get to group my child in with others and talk derogatory or belittle them because your day isn’t going well,” Allen wrote on social media. “You as an educator chose this profession so you need to figure out a better method or use a more professional vocabulary but you don’t get to introduce my child to inappropriate behavior and vulgarity. I get it they are fed up because a lot of parents aren’t parenting, but I’m not a lot of parents. I am a supervisor and I would never openly speak to my staff this way.”

Carrithers Middle School Principal Denise Franklin-Williams wrote in an emailed statement, “We are taking this matter seriously. I want to assure you that we will be reviewing this matter, and we will be following JCPS policies and procedures in that process.”

You can watch the unsettling clip here:

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