Viewers Slam Meghan McCain For Forcing Co-Host Whoopi Goldberg To Cut To Commercial Yet Again Because She Won’t Shut Up: “Your Father Is Rolling Over In His Grave”

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Guys, I’ve gotta be honest; there is no one on the face of this earth that annoys me quite as much as Meghan McCain. I know, I know. Don’t come for me. I know that there are dozens of other human beings who are FAR worse than that wannabe, whataboutism Barbie, the former president most definitely included. But none of them grind on my single last nerve quite like McCain and her ridiculous attempt at being a “woke Republican,” as if that’s a thing.

And frankly, this is why.

Just last week, we reported on an instance in which one of Meghan’s co-hosts for The View, Whoopi Goldberg, was forced to cut to a commercial break in short because McCain wouldn’t shut her damn mouth, as she engaged in a ridiculous screaming match with another co-host, Joy Behar, over vaccines — which was probably why Whoopi was the one to get a private White House briefing regarding the show and messaging for the COVID-19 vaccine, while Meghan’s offers to get vaccinated on air were ignored.

And now, not even a week later, here we are again.

Today, Meghan was cut off by Goldberg yet again, this time over her refusal to shut up during her gross defense of Marjorie Taylor Greene, after Greene compared mask requirements in Congress to Jews in the Holocaust.

McCain lashed out at her fellow hosts for focusing too much on Greene’s disgusting anti-Semitism and not enough on a recent Los Angeles hate crime.

The late Congressman John McCain’s daughter found her knickers in a twist over her colleagues demanding that Republicans publicly condemn Greene’s outright gross downplaying of the Holocaust. McCain, on the other hand, thinks that Greene has no real power, so we should all pretty much just ignore the stupid, ignorant, racist, hateful things she says and does.

McCain attacked her fellow hosts, claiming that Democrats didn’t care when Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted out anti-Jewish stereotypes — despite the fact that Democrats acted swiftly, rebuking Rep. Omar connecting her with Rabbis and other Jewish leaders to help educate her to avoid a second occurrence, and even held a vote condemning anti-Semitism on the heels of Omar’s remarks. A stark comparison to the silence we’ve seen and heard from the GOP in the wake of Greene’s.

McCain, of course, just grew angrier and angrier as the debate carried on because, evidently, that’s all she knows how to do, eventually forcing Goldberg to cut to yet another commercial break in an attempt to just shut her up.

Unsurprisingly, Meghan took the whole thing rather personally and demanded to know why Whoopi was cutting her off before the commercial had even started.

As you’d expected, viewers of The View are pretty much fed up with McCain’s crap:

Girl, you’re own audience is done with you. It’s time to hang it up.

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