Watch As Trump Appears To Heavily Slur His Words During Speech At His Pennsylvania Rally

President Adderall has something to say.

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Donald Trump kicked off a rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Tuesday night, and so far, it’s been pretty wild.  Trump isn’t having a good day with Democrats unveiling the articles of impeachment so it seems fitting for this “president” to hold a rally so that he can have his ego massaged by his sycophantic supporters. Trump has slurred his speech on more than one occasion and tonight was no different. Just two weeks ago at another MAGA rally, Trump slurred his words again and referred to the stock market as the “sock rocket.”

During tonight’s rally, Trump lashed out at “Barack Hussein Obama,” and of course Hillary Clinton because he just can’t get over her. Also, he referred to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff as a “crooked bastard.” President Adderall then tore into the impeachment proceedings by slurring his words more than normal.

“I have to tell you asbadasitis,” he appeared to say.



Twitter users took notice.

Associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory University School of Medicine Seth Davin Norrholm recently called into question Trump’s fitness to hold office after his last slurry, sniffy speech. Trump’s recent sudden visit to Walter Reed is looking even more suspicious now. We’ve never had a “president” before where his mental health was so scrutinized, but now his physical health is, too.

Of course, Trump’s supporters can’t see how flawed he is. They somehow identify with the petty petulant potentate while he feigns victimization after he pulls another stunt while criming around in the White House.

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