Psych Professor Calls For “Full Neurological Workup” After Trump Appears To Badly Slur His Speech, Calls Stock Market “Sock Rocket”

It's high time someone takes his keys away.

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Donald Trump held another thinly-veiled KKK gathering disguised as a MAGA rally in Florida last night. And while all of these little get-ups of his are hectic, at best, this one was a little extra crazy, you could say.

He kicked off the shindig by proclaiming that we dirty Democrats are not only waging a war against Christmas but evidently we carry some pretty heavy disdain for the Thanksgiving holiday, as well — declaring to the crowd that we don’t want it called Thanksgiving anymore.

He also went off on a peculiar, somewhat gag-inducing tangent involving his recent, unannounced trip to Walter Reed that was quickly labeled as a spur of the moment physical, claiming that doctors at the hospital asked to see his “gorgeous chest.”

Oh, and he spurred his base into chants of some of his favorite words and slogans, including “Bullshit!” and “Lock her up!” when he started in on a rant about the recent impeachment hearings.

However, perhaps the worst display of Trump’s wavering mental health came when he attempted to speak on the stock market only to end up referring to it as the “sock rocket.”

“You know we just set another sock rocket… you saw that, right? The stock market!” Donald proudly declared to rallygoers.

It’s difficult to even really be surprised when things like this happen anymore. We’ve kind of become numb to Trump’s ridiculousness as a county at this point. However, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Emory University School of Medicine Seth Davin Norrholm found himself quite concerned with Trump’s withering mental health and issued a rather blistering warning in response.

“‘Sock Rocket’ = full neurological workout up STAT,” Norrholm wrote on Twitter. “Pharmacological? Perhaps. Stress? Maybe. Sleep deprivation? Likely. Organic cognitive decline? Quite possible. Unfit? ABSOLUTELY.”

The worst part? This is far from the first time a mental health expert has turned on the flashing, neon lights and screamed at us, “your president is losing his marbles!”

Don’t you think it’s high time we listened?

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