Watch Judge Shout Down And Humiliate Alex Jones’ Lawyer: “How Many Times Do I Have To Say When I’m Speaking You Stop!”

What an embarrassment.

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This week, scandal-ridden InfoWars host and ultra Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones took to the stand in his newest trial, pertaining to allegations lodged against him that his behaviors, claims, and actions on his talk show caused irreparable harm to the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Jones infamously used his talk show to launch horrifyingly disgusting attacks against the families of the victims in the aftermath of the shooting and peddled unhinged conspiracy theories that claimed the families were actually paid actors, none of those kids actually lost their lives, and the whole tragedy was nothing more than a false flag operation. Jones’ nauseating claims led to relentless attacks against the victims’ families in the years since the tragic, fatal shooting that claimed the lives of 26 innocent human beings.

As we’re all aware, Jones has already infamously lost one of these trials, when he was ordered to pay just one Sandy Hook family upwards of $50 million in punitive and compensatory damages.

Now, a new trial from a new Sandy Hook family has begun, and it’s already not going in Jones’ favor. At all.

Yesterday afternoon, there came a point in the public trial where one of the attorneys for the Sandy Hook families, Chris Mattei, attempted to question the InfoWars host about whether or not he felt it was wrong to publicly spread heinous lies about the victims’ families. Mattei’s line of questioning began with Alex’s allegations against The Young Turks, in which Jones claimed that they seriously harmed him by reporting on claims that Jones had sent sexually explicit images of children to Sandy Hook families. Jones did end up admitting that his attorneys did that. Mattei appeared to be attempting to draw a comparison between the two cases — if The Young Turks irreparably harmed Jones in their reporting (despite the fact that the allegations about the images were apparently true) as he claimed, then didn’t he also irreparably harm the Sandy Hook families in spreading heinous lies about them?

Ultimately, the line of questioning devolved into a heated debate between the attorneys for either side, to the point that Judge Barbara Bellis sent the jury out of the courtroom while the legal teams argued.

As the argument grew more and more heated, Jones’ attorney Norman Pattis — who’s recently been caught up in his own nasty, racist scandal, involving the N-word and a lack of pants on Norm’s part — began to rudely talk over the judge. Given that Pattis has made a nasty habit out of this throughout the entire trial, his rude behavior towards Judge Bellis earned him an absolutely furious response.

“How many times do I have to say when I’m speaking you stop!” Judge Bellis shouted at the half-baked Jones attorney.

Eventually, the legal teams were able to come to an agreement regarding the line of questioning, and Judge Bellis called the attorneys to approach the bench as the jury was filing back into the courtroom.

In a clip from the trial, the side conversation between the judge and the attorneys can be heard, with Bellis stating, “I can count on one hand how many times I’ve argued in court before a jury in my entire career.” The judge told Jones’ attorney has a good record and when she tells him to “stop he needs to stop on a dime.”

“You’re right. Here’s the deal, Judge, I’m an advocate,” Pattis responded. “I get caught in the moment and you admonish me and I’m working on it.”

Norm Pattis, much like his client, has had his ass handed to him in court more times than we can count on both hands at this point. Jones himself has found himself reprimanded over and over again for going off on unhinged tangents in the courtroom, and even had to be told numerous times that he cannot lie under oath.

In their running tab on the new trial, the New York Times reported, “One factor in these repeated disputes during testimony is the fact that Jones is unaccustomed to any public forum that he does not control. On his show, he interrupts his guests. In his courthouse press conferences, he shouts down those who disagree with him. Trial testimony has for years proven a challenge for him.”

However, we really don’t see Alex Jones getting his shit together any time soon. In fact, the InfoWars host’s mental state seems to be crumbling more and more with each passing day — with a recent YouTube clip showing the conspiracy theorist positively melting down into a fit of expletives during an interview, when he was asked about the Sandy Hook case.

See the clip from yesterday’s leg of the trial here:

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