Donald Trump Should Be Terrified As Bob Woodward Suggested J6 Committee May Have Significant Key Evidence Against The Ex-President, As “Trump Loyalist” Reportedly Cooperated With The Investigation

This could be HUGE.

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Donald Trump has made it perfectly clear over the last several months that, despite what he says in public and in those unhinged, relentless statements of his, his anxiety and agitation surrounding the January 6th House Select Committee’s investigation into the infamous Capitol riot (and his specific involvement in it and behavior surrounding it) is rapidly growing with each development the committee makes.

The simple fact that he’s constantly raging about the investigation and the committee, and trying so desperately to claim that he’s not worried about it, is pretty much all the proof we need that he is, in fact, very worried.

But, if world-renowned investigative journalist Bob Woodward is correct in his recent assessment, the situation with the January 6th Committee’s investigation may have finally reached a point where Trump can’t even pretend anymore.

Speaking with CNN recently, the author of the Trump tell-all, Peril, noted that things are heating up within the House Select Committee — quite possibly to the degree that the committee may already have the significant, key evidence they need to potentially convict the one-term, twice-impeached former president. And it’s thanks in large part to one particular “Trump loyalist” who’s reportedly cooperating with the committee’s investigation.

CNN opened the segment with Woodward with the topic of Retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, a longtime Trump ally, confidante, and advisor who’s now playing along with the January 6th investigation, under oath.

Describing Kellogg’s role to the CNN host as well as viewers, Woodward said, “Keith Kellogg… is somebody who is a Trump loyalist, but also an institutionalist.”

“He used to say within the White House that Trump and Pence, the vice president, were fire and ice. You can guess who was fire, Trump, and Pence was ice,” the investigative journalist explained.

“Kellogg, as we found from multiple first-hand witnesses, was with Trump on January 6th, in the office with Trump, begging Trump to tweet out to stop the vi0lence, and he said memorably, ‘Mr. President, not everyone is carrying a television on their shoulder,’ says go out and tweet, and this is a mob and when you have a mob, you have lost it.”

We’re assuming here that Kellogg was referencing Trump’s infamous television appearance, the moment in which the then-president told his supporters that he loved them, but they should go home. The context is unclear here, but we’re assuming Kellogg was pushing Trump to tweet out the video of his statement to his supporters.

“Trump would not respond, and so Kellogg went to find Ivanka Trump, Trump’s daughter, and she went to see Trump, her father, in the Oval Office dining room three times from multiple witnesses, and one of the things she said to President Trump is, let this thing go. Eventually, he did tweet but it was delayed,” Bob went on to reveal.

“So in a sense, from the point of view of an investigation, having somebody like Keith Kellogg there who was a participant, who is now under oath, you couldn’t get a better witness. It’s somebody that Republicans would have to look at and say, wait a minute, this is a credible strong person, somebody who served in the military for decades,” he continued.

We can only hope that Woodward is right, and this particular, credible witness serves as the final knell in Donald Trump’s coffin.

You can watch the clip of Woodward’s CNN appearance here:

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