Where’s Mommy’s Money? Lauren Boebert’s Son Whines To Judge That It’s “Been Kinda Hard” To Afford An Attorney After He Was Busted In “Crime Spree” Case

Is mommy not sharing?

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Well, one thing is quite certain at this point — either the Boeberts are flat-ass broke or Mommy’s not sharing her Congress money, as Tyler Boebert just sat in court and whined to the judge about how it’s “been kinda hard” to afford the “prices” of an attorney to represent him in his “crime spree” case and he may just have to settle for a good ole public defender.

Controversial Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s 19-year-old son, whom she shares with her now-ex-husband and fellow criminal Jayson Boebert, was recently the subject of headlines across the country after a Facebook post from the Rifle Police Department went viral, confirming that the Boebert spawn had been arrested and charged with multiple felony counts in connection to a string of vandalism and thefts in their local area.

Tyler was ultimately busted red-handed after he was easily identified on security footage at a local gas station immediately after one of the thefts, sporting a hoodie from his parents’ now-shuttered Shooters Grill.

According to new reporting from Colorado-based publication Westword, the Boebert teen appeared in court yesterday, following his arrest on a variety of charges including I.D. theft, and promptly whined to the court that he’s really struggling to find the cash for a private attorney to represent him.

The 19-year-old criminal and teen father told 9th Judicial District Judge John Neiley of his money troubles: “We are working to hire an attorney, but it’s just been kind of hard with the prices. Worst case scenario, if we can’t get something figured out with the lawyer then we’re going to apply for a public defender or whatever works best for me.”

The judge honestly seemed to go pretty easy on the teen criminal, urging Tyler to move forward with a public defender until such a point where he’s able to afford private representation in the case.

“I always think it’s a good idea to maybe do both, because if you qualify, you have options,” Neiley said, according to Westword. “We can set this off for a little bit of time for you to make that decision.”

The judge also bizarrely complimented Tyler’s all-black suit that he wore into the courtroom yesterday.

“Thank you for the attire,” Neiley reportedly complimented Boebert, according to the local publication. “I appreciate it when people dress for court.”

Tyler is expected to return to court in this case, where he has been pegged as the leader of the crime ring teen trio, in early May.

Read the full report from Westword here.

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