While TV Networks Refuse To Air Trump’s Briefings, Reporters Are Apparently Not Showing Up To Them As They Become “Increasingly Less Newsworthy”

No one wants to be a part of his nonsense!

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Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out in the United States, Donald Trump, along with his “Coronavirus Task Force,” have been delivering daily press briefings to the public — the first time the White House press briefing room has seen this much traffic since the Obama days when he had a real president that actually gave real press briefings.

However, it didn’t take long as all for us to seriously wish that Donald and his administration would go back to ignoring that briefing room and allowing it to recollect its layer of dust until we can get another real president in there to use it properly — because these press conferences are nothing but massive, daily dumpster fires.

Donald uses these daily press briefings more like makeshift MAGA rallies than an actual platform to deliver credible information to the American public regarding the virus outbreak that’s literally turned our lives upside down and shaken all the lunch money from our pockets.

Already, several prominent cable networks, including MSNBC and CNN, have refused to give these circus acts the administration is attempting to pass off as briefings any air time. The networks have now taken to either cutting away from the early, only tuning in when someone credible such as Dr. Fauci is speaking, or just refusing to air the mess entirely.

MSNBC has even gone so far as to explain, “the information no longer appeared to be valuable to the important ongoing discussion around public health.”

And now it seems as though White House reporters are following suit.

A new report from the Washington Post claims that reporters are now “keeping their distance because they are concerned about the health risks at a time when many consider the president’s evening news conferences to have become increasingly less newsworthy.”

Executive editor for the Times, Dean Baquet, spoke with the Post and stated, “Nowadays, it seems they make little news. We, of course, reserve the right to show them live [via web streaming] if we believe they will actually make news. But that hasn’t happened in quite some time.”

We’ve quite literally reached a point now where the president’s relentless dog and pony shows aren’t even worth showing up to. This nation has a whole lot to worry about right now and it seems that the media simply is not interested in wasting their time on Donald Trump turning a public health crisis into a “hail me” MAGA rally.

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