NY Attorney General Ordered The Trump Kids To “Undergo Mandatory Training” To Learn How To Not Defraud Charities, According To Brutal Report

Because evidently, they need classes for that.

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As I’m sure you’ll recall, Donald Trump and his children found themselves busted for fraudulently misusing funds that had been donated to his “charity,” The Trump Foundation — including funneling money into his own presidential campaign, paying off multiple legal expenses accrued by his personal businesses, and purchasing a $10,000 portrait of himself that hung in one of his Florida resorts.

As part of the settlement reached between Trump and the New York State Attorney General’s Office, Donald was required to distribute $2 million across eight different charities as reparations for the funds fraudulently misused by his own “charitable foundation” over the span of several years.

In addition to the $2 million payouts, Trump agreed to voluntarily disband The Trump Foundation as well as admit that he defrauded donors by using the foundation’s money for his own personal gains.

But as it turns out, Donald himself wasn’t the only one to suffer some punishment over the blatant misuse of money.

According to a report from the New York Times, Trump’s children had a price to pay for their involvement in their daddy’s scandal, as well.

The Times has revealed that Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric Trump “were ordered to undergo mandatory training to ensure they do not engage in similar misconduct” when attending future charitable events as part of the settlement reached with the New York State Attorney General’s Office.

All three of the Trump spawn served as officers of their father’s Trump Foundation “charity” and found themselves implicated in a mess of their own making when prosecutors accused the foundation of grossly misusing charitable funds to evidently buy the 2016 election and further fuel Trump’s vanity with an overpriced painting of himself.

Of course, I highly doubt we’ll be hearing anything out of the Trump kids or their pops when it comes to this particular story — other than perhaps Donald attempting to convince the masses that it’s “fake news.” — much in the manner that he attempted to act as though the $2 million he was forced to distribute to various charities was a spur-of-the-moment personal choice rather than a mandatory part of a settlement.

But we know, Trump. We ALL know.

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