A Gag-Inducing Photo Showed MTG Leaning In Uncomfortably Close To Speak To Trump And You Can Probably Guess What Social Media Thought


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Hang onto your lunches, folks. It’s about to be one Hell of a bumpy ride.

There’s been a whole lot to report on out of the controversial LIV Golf Invitational that went down at the washed-up ex-president’s New Jersey golf property.

To kick things off, Trump was caught happily yucking it up with all of his most favorite Republican stooges on the greens, despite the fact that he used his first wife’s untimely death to secure himself an extension on his court-ordered sworn deposition in the New York Attorney General’s investigation against him — the very same property where the very same ex-wife is now reportedly buried in what was assumably an effort to secure himself a big ole fat tax break at the property.

This was, of course, after we already reported on the former guy’s unflattering physique during the tournament late last week.

Then, we had the “pleasure” of catching an unwanted glimpse of Donald’s big, fat, gaping mouth as he supposedly “sang along” to the National Anthem — though, I personally feel pretty certain that was just a huge ass yawn. But whatever.

And then there was the GOP crew’s ungodly immature behavior when the tournament’s measly crowd broke out into a round of “Let’s Go Brandon” chants. (There was laughing and fist pumping involved.”

And yet it still managed to get so much worse.

Just recently, we covered Georgia Republican House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s fawning response when asked about the possibility of being Donald Trump’s 2024 VP running mate. Spoiler alert: She nearly melted at the mere idea of it.

Now, photos have made the rounds on social media that have it looking as though ole Marje is trying her hardest to earn that possible position… If ya know what I mean.

In the disturbing pictures, the controversial Republican lawmaker can be seen leaning in uncomfortably close to the greasy former guy as she appears to talk to him:

I’ll give you three guesses as to how the social media responses went but you honestly only need one:

Welp, that’s enough of that for today.

Featured image via screen capture

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