Actor Michael Rapaport Tweeted A Risqué Photo Of Melania And Republicans Were Not Happy

Aw, they're mad.

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Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport is an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, and he took a shot at the former president’s wife. I’m old enough to remember when conservatives were outraged over First Lady Michelle Obama wearing a sleeveless dress,  but they’re OK with Melania Trump’s nude photos.  Rapaport received backlash from the former reality show star’s supporters over his tweet from the same crowd that told us that political correctness is destroying our country — then when Trump was elected, demanded political correctness from us.

And former President Barack Obama’s wife Michelle was not afforded respect from conservatives when she dared to wear the sleeveless dress, or when she urged children to eat the right foods.

When Melania became the First Lady, we were supposed to admire her somehow even though she launched her Be Best anti-bullying campaign while standing alongside the biggest bully on Earth. Also, we’ve all seen her hoo-ha and her surgically enhanced breasts.


So, Rapaport wished the “useless” First Lady a happy Mother’s Day.

Here’s a fine example of the level of respect Trump supporters have shown for Michelle Obama.

And again.

Angry Trumpers reported Rapaport’s account.

This is fake news:

More fake news:

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Melania lied about her level of education, and she plagiarized Mrs. Obama’s speech, and as far as her “beauty” goes, she owes her surgeons a debt of gratitude for that. And she is not “kind” as that Twitter user claimed. If Melania had any decency in her, she’d spill the beans on her husband, a man who now has blood all over his hands.

Donald urged states to reopen their economies amid the pandemic he failed to act promptly on when he first learned of the looming threat. Trump also tried to eradicate Obamacare while Americans were dealing with the novel coronavirus. So, pardon us for not being nice to the woman who married that trash monster.

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